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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Hashtag OOTD


I always wanted to do a #ootd but meh... barely dress up for anything. So for now, most of my ootd are my working clothes. Hahaa..

And I had my hair dyed in Burgundy again. I did the same color last August and I love it. Of course reds/ purples fade much faster than blondes and brunettes but I still prefer them. Meh... I haven't really got the chance to stand under the sun yet and hopefully my hair will wait til this weekend! Hopefully I can have better pair ups from my closet! :)


  1. 4/7/13 - Pink skinny jeans with military green studded top. I love the top cause it's chiffon in front and cotton on the other side. And the studs are just so attractive!
  2. 9/7/13 - Blue skinny jeans with tiffany green chiffon top. Ahh.. I just can't be separated from chiffons. Wtm.. 

Good night people! Tata~


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