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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Good Start, July... With a War.


It's Sunday! Such a tiring week! I think it's because I had been lazying around for months and everything was going slow but now... going turbo. lol 

Okay, the main story is "How I tackle a Cockroach". It was a freaking thing to handle when you always have to face your worst enemy. But this was my process"-

  • I saw the cockroach on the ceiling light and I quickly, immediately woke up from bed and turn on the lights.
  • I prepared the Ridsect and also a cardboard, cleared my bed except for the bedsheet cause the position of the cockroach was on top of it (I measured if it fell on my bed from the ceiling. haha).
  • Climbed on the bed and STARTED SPRAYINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! It started to FLY to the curtain, which was very near to the light and I think it started choking on the Ridsect. But I CONTINUED SPRAYINGGGGGG!!!!!!
  • Then it slowly tried to escape at the same time crawling at my curtain so I KEPT SPRAYINGGGGGG!!!!! And finally it fell on my bed! 
  • Next, I used Scotch- Brite dry mop (with dry wipe on it) and swept the cockroach to the floor and then out of my room.
  • Then, I swept it onto a piece of paper (prepared earlier) and another piece of paper ON TOP of the cockroach and then stomped it with the mop.
  • After I saw the JUICES, I got a huge plastic bag and transferred it in annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd into the bin!!

Scary and huge achievement, I know... I deserve a certificate for this. Wtm.. 


  1. My ceiling and curtain.. Just for you to picture my story up there.
  2. A gift from my colleague. Nice smell. :)
  3. Domino's for lunch last Wednesday. Burped like shyt.
  4. MOs and Drs on discussion while I sit and wait.
  5. RM 29.00 per 100gram of crab. I can cry now..
  6. New cozy place my friends brought me to. I like it there..

Happy Sunday and tata!


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