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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Feeling Good That I'm Letting Things Go


It's already July but my life just started this month. LOL. Some may not know but I've been dormant for almost half a year. Wtm...

Anyway another week gone and it's soooo good! Hopefully more to come! *pray hard*

Oh yea... I have a couple of things that I would like to give out before I donate it. Bags, clothes... For now I've only got two.. I'll try to upload the rest when I have the time haha! Just asking if anyone wants my stuff. Details will be explained below along with the photos. Anyone interested please email me at michellet_snoopy@hotmail.com. :)


  1. Mild curls for that #saturday evening. :) And also #OOTD. It's been awhile since I did curls to my hair. Sooooo not used to it. And it turned out way far from I've imagined. Meh~
  2. Lunch with henry on #saturday at Milk and Butter, Bangsar for catch ups. :)
  3. My small sling pouch in white. I've never used it since I bought it FEW YEARS AGO. I think there are stains here and there. It isn't that obvious but I think for girls out there who are creative enough will figure out a way to decorate this into an amazing piece. Me... I'm just too lazy to do it. I would top this pouch up with some blings here and there. Just my opinion.
  4. The inner view of the pouch. The sling string is inside.
  5. Snake printed rainbow wallet I got from UK few years ago when I was studying still. LOL. These kind of wallet was trending back then so I thought why not get one...? 
  6. And now I feel I'm too old for this print. =_________________= Wtm..

So, do email me if you want them. I'll be donating it sooner or later anyways. :)

Selamat malam!


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