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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Cheapskate Shopping


Hahahahaa! I have my own way of getting cheap and nice clothes especially when I go to my fave stores. What to do.. I'm on extremely tight budget until PAY DAY!

Credits: 9gag

I sometimes kinda feel bad for being so cheapskate but can't put the blame on me right? Yea... Guilty mode terus OFF. I love H&M's collection but sometimes their range are kinda too expensive for me to burn my pocket. So I went in after work on a fine day and turned myself into a cheapskate ninja to shop. 


  1. Maroon basic tee, RM29.90
  2. Black and white stripe with green love shape, RM29.00
  3. Green and white stripe organic tee, RM24.90

3 tees for less than RM100. :)

Happy sial for all these tees! Tata! July sibeh ON!



Diana Diane Teo said...

The black and white stripe with green love shape looks nice. I also very cheapskate when comes to shopping =P

snoopy said...

Diana - thanks! hahhaha..for new clothes' sake XD