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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Feeling Good That I'm Letting Things Go


It's already July but my life just started this month. LOL. Some may not know but I've been dormant for almost half a year. Wtm...

Anyway another week gone and it's soooo good! Hopefully more to come! *pray hard*

Oh yea... I have a couple of things that I would like to give out before I donate it. Bags, clothes... For now I've only got two.. I'll try to upload the rest when I have the time haha! Just asking if anyone wants my stuff. Details will be explained below along with the photos. Anyone interested please email me at michellet_snoopy@hotmail.com. :)


  1. Mild curls for that #saturday evening. :) And also #OOTD. It's been awhile since I did curls to my hair. Sooooo not used to it. And it turned out way far from I've imagined. Meh~
  2. Lunch with henry on #saturday at Milk and Butter, Bangsar for catch ups. :)
  3. My small sling pouch in white. I've never used it since I bought it FEW YEARS AGO. I think there are stains here and there. It isn't that obvious but I think for girls out there who are creative enough will figure out a way to decorate this into an amazing piece. Me... I'm just too lazy to do it. I would top this pouch up with some blings here and there. Just my opinion.
  4. The inner view of the pouch. The sling string is inside.
  5. Snake printed rainbow wallet I got from UK few years ago when I was studying still. LOL. These kind of wallet was trending back then so I thought why not get one...? 
  6. And now I feel I'm too old for this print. =_________________= Wtm..

So, do email me if you want them. I'll be donating it sooner or later anyways. :)

Selamat malam!


Saturday, July 13, 2013

In The Month of Ramadhan


As everyone knows it's the fasting month for the muslims before they celebrate Hari Raya Puasa a month later. And every year at this period, I'm always being extra cautious, as in my safety. I know it may sound ridiculous but it's always during this time, there will be EXTRA roadblocks, EXTRA checkings - check here check there, everywhere check check and also EXTRA robberies/break-ins/snatch thefts going on. 

And maybe it's just me, I strongly encourage Malaysian cars' window should be tinted a little darker so that robbers would at least hesitate before they try to rob anyone's car. With the current law of NOT ALLOWING any shades darker than the original ones is not a good idea. It's easily see through and I think car owners will have to be extra careful with their bags, things, even their own lives. With a slight darker shade of tint, I think the robbers (especially on motorbikes) will at least have to pay more attention into the inner view of the car before they act. Make sense right?

It's not that I'm saying the tinting should be dark black but c'mon.. just slightly darker won't be thaaaaat bad, right? It's afterall for OUR own safety! With all the advertisements in the radio advising not to put your bags on the seat but instead, put it under the seat.. Well robbers do listen to radios too..........right? You advertise those so-called tips ON AIR with the intention that they won't rob us? Yes, of course it's much more difficult to be robbed but what about bulky handbags? Or mayb laptop backpacks? How are those going to fit UNDER the seat? I know Myvi has this underneath compartments but not every Malaysians drive a Myvi right? And you can't possibly expect all of us to switch to Myvi or looking for cars that has this feature.

I just feel sad cause the government is not thinking right about this. And advertising your tips on air is soooo not helping at all. I think it actually gives the robbers to come up with their own tips on "How to rob cars". Wtm.. Can I be the Menteri Keselamatan or JPJ officer or whatever it's called to suggest this idea.?

*the end*


  1. My boss' new Blackberry...still teaching him how to operate this thing. Haha
  2. My second fav fruit - Pomegranate!
  3. Surat cinta aku dari my company for ilegal parking.. Hahaha! My colleague said "Just started work already got surat cinta"
  4. Souvenirs from Venice! Heehee! 

     5. Some of the MOs doing their thang in the OT room..
     6. My personal writing! I do have my own writing beside this online blog. I don't know.. I just love to                         write. :)
     7. Random lighting at a corner of my house.
     8. It's been awhile since I received a certificate! My last one was like...... when I was still in uniform!                       Hahahaha!

     9. My fading-out-in-one-week-time Burgundy hair. >.<

Ya.. begitu lah cerita aku.. Tata!


Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Hashtag OOTD


I always wanted to do a #ootd but meh... barely dress up for anything. So for now, most of my ootd are my working clothes. Hahaa..

And I had my hair dyed in Burgundy again. I did the same color last August and I love it. Of course reds/ purples fade much faster than blondes and brunettes but I still prefer them. Meh... I haven't really got the chance to stand under the sun yet and hopefully my hair will wait til this weekend! Hopefully I can have better pair ups from my closet! :)


  1. 4/7/13 - Pink skinny jeans with military green studded top. I love the top cause it's chiffon in front and cotton on the other side. And the studs are just so attractive!
  2. 9/7/13 - Blue skinny jeans with tiffany green chiffon top. Ahh.. I just can't be separated from chiffons. Wtm.. 

Good night people! Tata~


Sunday, July 07, 2013

Good Start, July... With a War.


It's Sunday! Such a tiring week! I think it's because I had been lazying around for months and everything was going slow but now... going turbo. lol 

Okay, the main story is "How I tackle a Cockroach". It was a freaking thing to handle when you always have to face your worst enemy. But this was my process"-

  • I saw the cockroach on the ceiling light and I quickly, immediately woke up from bed and turn on the lights.
  • I prepared the Ridsect and also a cardboard, cleared my bed except for the bedsheet cause the position of the cockroach was on top of it (I measured if it fell on my bed from the ceiling. haha).
  • Climbed on the bed and STARTED SPRAYINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! It started to FLY to the curtain, which was very near to the light and I think it started choking on the Ridsect. But I CONTINUED SPRAYINGGGGGG!!!!!!
  • Then it slowly tried to escape at the same time crawling at my curtain so I KEPT SPRAYINGGGGGG!!!!! And finally it fell on my bed! 
  • Next, I used Scotch- Brite dry mop (with dry wipe on it) and swept the cockroach to the floor and then out of my room.
  • Then, I swept it onto a piece of paper (prepared earlier) and another piece of paper ON TOP of the cockroach and then stomped it with the mop.
  • After I saw the JUICES, I got a huge plastic bag and transferred it in annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd into the bin!!

Scary and huge achievement, I know... I deserve a certificate for this. Wtm.. 


  1. My ceiling and curtain.. Just for you to picture my story up there.
  2. A gift from my colleague. Nice smell. :)
  3. Domino's for lunch last Wednesday. Burped like shyt.
  4. MOs and Drs on discussion while I sit and wait.
  5. RM 29.00 per 100gram of crab. I can cry now..
  6. New cozy place my friends brought me to. I like it there..

Happy Sunday and tata!


Thursday, July 04, 2013

Cheapskate Shopping


Hahahahaa! I have my own way of getting cheap and nice clothes especially when I go to my fave stores. What to do.. I'm on extremely tight budget until PAY DAY!

Credits: 9gag

I sometimes kinda feel bad for being so cheapskate but can't put the blame on me right? Yea... Guilty mode terus OFF. I love H&M's collection but sometimes their range are kinda too expensive for me to burn my pocket. So I went in after work on a fine day and turned myself into a cheapskate ninja to shop. 


  1. Maroon basic tee, RM29.90
  2. Black and white stripe with green love shape, RM29.00
  3. Green and white stripe organic tee, RM24.90

3 tees for less than RM100. :)

Happy sial for all these tees! Tata! July sibeh ON!


Wednesday, July 03, 2013



So this is my first week working, no broken arms and legs so far, no clamped tyres *fingers crossed* pretty much a good start for week 1.

Of course there are a few downsides about my job lah..

  • NOT ENOUGH PARKING SPACE! And the "Clamping zone" signs are spotted every 20 metres! Urghh.. Literally it's easier to spot the sign than spotting human beings.
  • Going to work by 8am.. This 8 is definitely NOT ONG lohhhhhh..
  • I feel like working in UK. The weather is freaking cold! The only difference is there won't be any snow in my office. Meh..

I met my BOSS today and he is indeed a nice guy. Very fatherly character and humble yet professional. A bit not leng chai lah cause I keep focusing on his bald head. But acceptable... :)


  1. I nearly forgot my price tag on my new dress,
  2. I nearly forgot fell asleep surfing too much facebook in an air cond room,
  3. I nearly forgot about my watch I got from my brother last year! And I thought I don't have any watch. Meh..

That's all for now, tata!