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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Just A Day til July Arrives


I surprised most of my relatives when they knew I had to be back yesterday. That's heartbreaking I know but at least I was there for a week...? :(

Hopefully July will be awesome. I bet it will.. It's the month of fasting for the Muslims and then TA-DAA! It's raya holidays! 

Mali mali huung! Come come July! Ah lai lai.. Kik lai liao! ( quote Namewee)

  1. My last dinner with my huge family on Friday night. The young ones (includes me of course) were supposed to sing k last night. *sigh sniff sigh sniff*
  2. My 3 years old cousin was trying to snap a picture of my dad's toe. Well.... very close.. very close.
  3. Croissants from Yoyo! I bought that for my grandma and she love it too! Hahaha! But she dipped it in satay sauce  =_________=
  4. Grandma and her fav bald doll. HA HA! My ah sou told me the doll looked scary and grandma heard it. "Scary meh?! Where got scary" And then she started hugging the baby.. Hahaha! But I can't tell if that's a girl baby or a boy. Wtm..
  5. Went to Paradigm Mall earlier to get some formal clothes. Parked at the top floor and saw the view.. blocked by the construction. Hmm..
  6. Another usage of an iron board - working desk! Lol wtm..

Okie dokie, that's all for now.. 



Hilda Milda™ said...

How time flies! How have you been? :P

Henry Tan said...

iron board as working desk!! so cool la wey! lol

snoopy said...

Hild - yeaa! flies like a jet! I'm good.. just started working..hehe!

Henry - all the tables at home were taken.. so, i had no choice XD