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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Back To Level 1


Arghh.. Every time I'm back home I'll be dead busy. Too much to do in a day! I'm back for few days now and my energy are totally drained. So tired today that I stayed home after breakfast and grocery shopping. Hence, the time to blog as well. Ha Ha.

Anyway, I want to share some pictures (before my laptop dies on me again, who knows).


  1. My laptop has been revived as my previous post mentioned. And it was time for me to work again. LOL.. What work does a jobless person have? XD
  2. My big family and I went to the Crocodile farm and geez.. It was totally how I remembered it. So much has changed and I really don't remember anything similar when I went there loooong time ago. Or maybe my memories for that age doesn't work any more. Meh.. There were other animals too look at besides the crocodiles - deer, loads of fishes, butterflies.. It seems more like a zoo than a crocodile farm to me. Ha Ha.
  3. I wish I have that much colours on me too. Lol.. 
  4. Pretty little flowers! And yes I don't know what's the name for that.. Or any other flowers. They are just flowers to me. #flowergirlfail
  5. Been coughing during midnights and dad made Breacol-Scotch for me. Feels so pro drinking that and blogging at the same time. Wtm.
  6. My 14 years old cousin loves anime but she never drew it on any fingers. So I did the honour by forcing her to draw it on my thumb. Not bad right? But the water ruined it. Wtm..
  7. Coconut drink are just the cheapest and best drink to have for a 35-ish degree weather.

Hello laptop.

Crocodile Farm which.. doesn't have only crocodiles.

Lovely colours :D

So pretty!

Scotch (Made from Breacol.Meh)

To ease the hot weather!

My photo editing skills suddenly dropped to baby-beginner level. Mensiasoikan me only. =.= I wish I can have more time to write about stuffs before I forget everything. Who invented Alzheimer?!

I'll be back soon. Tata!


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