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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Almost Back On Track


So... I woke up quite early this morning because my parents are going back to my hometown today.. driving.  So now I'm half awake with a loooong day ahead of me before i head back to KL!

*happy and sad face got mixed up* Wtm..

I can't decide what to feel actually. Lol.. should I be happy that I finally got an ideal job of my own or be sad for leaving my family and relatives again and again. And I bet I won't be coming back so soon... Meh~

But I'm so excited that almost everything is back on track...almost everything. I still have the people I love with me, plans are on the way and...oh well.. Let's just see what will happen in KL then! :D


  1. Magnum! My dad gave me his genes of being a Magnum freak. They came out with a couple of new flavours and it was sooooooo wtm good!
  2. The stupid Club Sandwich caused me bellyache for 2 freaking days now.
  3. My fav cook made us noodles for breakfast! He's sooo handsome and talented and kind and everything nice that fits! Heh!
  4. My brother and sis in law got my aunt a green tea-red bean cake for her birthday! Not bad I must say.. *thumbs up*

I'll have to pack for my journey now. Tata!



Elwyn said...

Glad to hear almost all is back on track lor. Hope a good job for you lor.

Henry Tan said...

lol what is wtm?

well, u should be happy as not many ppl can get their so called ideal job. and you are still young! just make sure you keep touch frequently with ur family and relatives lo. ;)

Meitzeu said...

Oh!! Another Sabahan spotted!!!

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HenRy LeE said...

all the best in ur ideal job! :P

snoopy said...

Elwyn - hehehe! thank you! i hope i won't quit again so soon!

Henry - hehe.. wtm is my wtf..long story about it..hehe but i will explain if i have the time.. :D

Meitzeu - hola! yes, sabahan here! :D

Henry Lee - kamsahamida! catch up soon!