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Thursday, December 06, 2012

On The Sixth Day To Christmas

Holla! Sixth day is a great day! It's my *extreme drum rolls* Superman Dad's birthday!!! I secretly bought the ticket back to Sabah on this day to surprise my dad. But too bad because of the packed timing I didn't get to record it for memories. Anyways, I dyed my hair with Liese's Antique Rose color. I kinda like it - the dark reddish color. Though I know red/purple hair fades much faster.

My flight was at 3:35pm.. And I took a snap at the view outside around 6pm, almost sunset..almost. It felt just so relaxed to look at the view while on the plane for 2 hours and 45 mins. Urgh. 

So...... after this and that, my dad's surprised facial expression was DAMN FREAKING PRICELESS. We had dinner and then cake at home. Then I continued my night to friend's house for her wedding prep. *yawns*



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