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Sunday, December 02, 2012

On the Second Day To Christmas


Sunday should be a relaxing day for everyone but hmm.. Sometimes I disagree. I was kinda working at home yesterday and managed to snap some pictures for this post. Heh. After getting up early in the morning, with my morning jog plan crushed by my chocolaty milk and yummy biscuits, I Googled upon some pretty interesting blogs. What a refreshing piece to read. You see, I'm a little bored with lots of bloggers that blog the same-topic-and-similar-pictures-event posts.

Then, monkey business happened right at the trees in front of my house. Scary to see them running around. Can I call them the FUTURISTIC THIEVES? I mean they won't get caught anyways for intruding or messing with your trees or STEALING FOOD *darn that*. I think I should have one as pet. LOL.. But back to those three monkeys, they are always loitering around like TAI KOH with their relatively S, M and L size, and I think stealing people's food is their way of collecting protection money. XD

Then I needed a break. From work to blog reading to Youtube videos! I'm in love with waterfall braids if you noticed yesterday's post, so I had my attempt but then this happened:-

*1 min later - Am getting it...

*3 mins later - What the hell am i doing

*5 mins later - ARMS TIRED.

I wish I had lighter arms. Time to cut off those snacks but I'm still hugging them.Hmm, I think I should get my arms chopped..... KIDDING!. Move on to my kitchen *sigh* I saw ONE mosquito's larvae at the bottom of the draining box. What I did was I spread some washing powder on it and let it set for at least 30mins. I realized they CAN hold their breath for that long. What an awesome insect. But I hate them still.

Last but not least, I had a MONSTROUS meal WHOLE DAY. That last two pictures at the bottom was only two out of. . . . . .


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Kian Fai Koh said...

monsterous meal? well I lost then hahah, I eat less and less >.>