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Saturday, December 01, 2012

On The First Day To Christmas

I figured out a way to MAKE ME blog. Meeeh... So this is it, I'll be posting everyday until Christmas day *fingers crossed*. On the first day to Christmas, I had my car washed first then serviced (silly I know, I know). I always spend my time looking at the car wash from the opposite kopitiam. Heh..convenient much. While I was checking Instagram, I found the gorgeous hair braid IN RED from hairpost. Really love water fall braids - elegant and simple.

Lunch of course at Delicious, Setia City Mall. My first time being in that mall.. Quite a few different shops I spotted. The mall was only three storey high but HUGE. Spacious and HUGE, or at least it made me feel tiny inside. HA HA. So there was a sneaky baby next to my table, peeping at us all time. Felt so flattered.. It doesn't always happen, especially from adults. LOL. 

And I got some flats from a new store in town (i think so). The orange neon flats were so pretty yet not too outstanding. Perfect for my friend's wedding next week. Heh. And that is it for day 1.


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