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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On The Eleventh Day To Christmas


I was already back in KL on 10.12.12 and the very next day I picked up with my mum and aunts from KL to Midvalley. I would have come back on the 11th if I knew about the Selangot holiday earlier. Darn.

We went to UNIQLO.. Somehow my mum loves that store for I-DON'T-KNOW-WHY but as long as I tag along, why not? Heh..! Nice and huge Christmas decos around the Center Court. I always have the impression that Midvalley will put up ANYTHING and EVERYTHING HUGE for their celebration decos. Hmm..

Then.. The most epic story of the MONTH - My fuel was running low (while enjoying my bubble milk tea) when I drove out from my house early that morning and by mid noon, it was already blinking due to the jams and going round and round during the car park hunting. So I called my dad to clarify the mileage left before my car runs COMPLETELY OUT of fuel. He kinda forgot if it's 15/50 km but he was more paranoid then me after i told him "BUT I'M STUCK IN A JAM NOW". LOL!

10mins later i fueled up and decided to prank him..

"Daddy! Car broke down!"

LOLOLOL! Darn funny!!! Basically that's it for day 11th. Hehe. Oh! And I finally got the attention from people to notice my car. The trick is..... Keep the shits all around the car. People will definitely look in AWE.


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