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Saturday, December 08, 2012

On The Eight Day To Christmas


Eight day is about baby issue! My youngest cousin is 2 years old. Undeniably adorable NOISY BOSSY and BUSYBODY. Hmph. She sleeps with my family almost every night when I was back in my hometown and she wakes up early morning after my dad. I on the other hand, sleeps late at night and eventually had to wake up to her due to her laughter and disturbance every morning +____+ 

Waking up feeling like pinching her chubby face. She's most active in the morning and I just couldn't, how could I resist her seduction? LOL! She played with my mum's glasses without permission, messed with my make up products, and oh! I can't wait to show her the fatty picture in 10 years time! HAHAHA! Other than that...? She's like a boss in my house, getting all she wants with just a scream. See, she's so POWDERFUL.


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