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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Girls Always Go For The Bad Guys


I wanted to share my thoughts this time instead of updating my personal life. When I learn what relationship is all about years ago, I came across this saying all the time - Girls always fall for the bad boys. And true enough I did, myself. Maybe it was unintentional that I fell for a bad boy, or maybe, just maybe, I would like to know what it feels like to date a bad boy.

And after so long, this saying is still here. I'm not sure why but it still exist. Probably due to those guys who couldn't get a decent girl or from girls who are caught in this mindset. But I would like to have a say in this.


First of all, I would like to say although girls 'always' fall for the bad guys, they might not end up well together due to lots of factors of course. From my experience observation, girls like or are attracted to funny guys regardless they put effort in saying funny things or it just happen. It adds the charm to a guy who has interest in a particular girl and to go for it without going overboard. Good guys tend to overdo it when they don't realize girls prefer it to happen naturally. And somehow the bad ones tend to be pro in this matter.

The other thing is, girls like to have the mentality that they would be THE ONE who would change their bad boys into a not-so-bad boy. Hmm... let me rephrase that - girls would like to think that they are capable of molding the bad side of their man into a good one. Changing a boy/man or any person in the world to your expectations is almost impossible BUT if he really really cares *which the bad guys normally do* and here, I'm talking about going into a happy ending relationship, he would willingly change his bad attitude, habits, character to be a better person for himself as well as for the girl. 

Sometimes, it is surprising to see how much a girl can influence a bad guy to be molded into a completely different man. Unconsciously. I could say that most of the bad guys are willing to drop their face/ego/manly hood for that one girl without realizing it themselves. And again, I'm not saying that this applies to ALL OF THE BAD GUYS OR NEITHER I'M SAYING ALL THE GOOD GUYS ARE HELPLESS. I'm saying that for bad guys, sometimes, all they have in their whole life is that one girl. The one special girl that somehow 'spell' them to be loyal to, to do whatever it takes to protect and make her happy. It's like Superman and his kryptonite. For them, the world would end without her and/or she might be the very last person he would laid eyes on. 


On the other hand, good guys tend to argue *with all their mighty smart-ass arguments and reasons* and it usually doesn't end well - as far as I checked. Good guys are very solid on their statements. The scenario would be like two cobra king snakes trying to fight for an ostrich egg. For girls, it all comes down to " Are you willing to step out from your comfort zone and make a difference? ".

By saying or thinking he is " I'm the good guy " is a very outstanding way to say that that 'good guy' is overconfident and braggy. And girls definitely won't be impressed by that. So IF AND ONLY IF you think you're a GOOD GUY here or for your entire life, well think again. 

Besides, good guys tend to expect their girls to be the same - to be PRIM AND PROPER. Girls, if you're one of these gangs then congratulations, you will find your prince in that pile of people. But for girls like me, I wouldn't impress a good guy by being NOT ME o_O . I should say, I would want my man to accept the way I am and just the way I am. Good guys will want more from their girls.

I don't want more, I just need a polite girl, a girl who doesn't smoke, doesn't swear, doesn't fart in public, puts on make up and wear nice clothes, cleans, cooks, pretty face, nyeh nyeh nyeh. 

Get a Miranda Kerr then!!


So readers, the next time you hear some single bachelor uttering that "Girls always fall for bad guys" phrase, stop him and ask "Are you saying you're a good guy?" If you found a decent answer, DATE  THAT MR.NICE GUY! ;)

the happy-public-farter writer.



Elwyn~! said...

I like your play on this. farting is awesome

Zhan said...

Very well said~ Now all of us know why the bad guys out there always get the girls..

ur wifey said...

snoop dog, i like tis post soooo much coz it's so trueeeee =)

HenRy LeE said...

Hmmm.... seems like I'm not the only one who calls u snoop dogg! :( but I'm a good guy.....greg! Hahahaha

snoopy said...

@elwyn - LOL! I'll do it right at ur face!

@zhan - hehehe.. maybe not ALL of them :)

@jiok - LOL!! thank u! <3

@henry - woiiii! that is special case!!

Elwyn~! said...

i dare you too fart in my face girl~!

snoopy said...

@elwyn - that is so damn easy. with all the practice all this time. *roll eyes* XD

Xue Ren said...

hehe! i think i will pick a bad guy too! :P

snoopy said...

@xue ren - LOL! As long as you take care of yourself from getting hurt! :D

Desmond Lua said...

Interesting perspective. Perhaps it's always date the interesting and charming one, in regardless of boys or girls, bad or nice ;)