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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cut The Craps To Christmas

LOL!! I was already far behind from my schedule for my 25 days to Christmas! So...... I'll just sum up the week and beat it! XD This time, I put in a little more effort by stamping each photo with a number so you'll know which one I'm trying to explain. Heh 

I took some time to examine and look at my hair for few minutes that day and I realized the color faded again :( . It was Antique Rose when I dyed it earlier this month. So now, it turned to this.  Not loving it yet cause it wasn't MY kind of color. Oh well.....


  1. I went to this play called Ghosting from CHC and then had dinner with Ms J. It was an awesome night :) Good play, good food, good friend. I seriously prefer Bubba Gump in Sunway Pyramid. I tried the one at The Curve and hmm....
  2. Ah! I had dinner with my housemates! All 4/5 of us in Sushi Tei, Tropicana City Mall. Another lady was celebrating her bf's birthday so.. forgiven. XD Miss Mel suggested us to try this Salmon Mentai Sushi. It was so nice I forgot the name. So the next day we whatsapp-ed and her auto correct typo said SALMON MENTAL SUSHI. LOLOL!! I laughed my ass off! XD
  3. Received vouchers from my company for last month's annual dinner. For those who didn't win anything fro the lucky draw *aww..sad mood* will be given a RM50 AEON voucher. *back to happy mood*
  4. The managers from my team was nice enough to organize a Christmas breakfast plus gift exchange! Well... we were told to get a present with the budget of RM25 but some of them just suck at numbers. =___=
  6. I stumbled upon kevjumba's instagram and I fell in love with him every time I look at that picture! And a friend was kind enough to express my feelings on my behalf to him in one of his pics. *forehead palm*
  7. Last but not least! Happened last night at Miss Js'. Gift exchange, steamboat marathon, mahjong fever and also one of the best gathering of the year! *fly kiss* MERRY CHRISTMAS PEOPLE! Don't be so sad sitting at home and blog like me!


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