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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Untitled #4

Good night world.


Friday, November 02, 2012

Final Friday

Few weeks ago, 5/10/2012, it was supposed to be a simple date with my bro-friends. But then some of my Pretty Little Bitches joined us and it made us a group with fun!

My bro-friends planned this date to have dinner for my birthday, catch ups and then a wine session somewhere else. Oh well, I guess we can change that plan. :) So all of us had Plan B instead and watched a movie at Paradigm Mall.

Ou yeah for Hotel Transylvania 

I was like "How come my camera is not working?!" And then  *snapped* LOL!

Proper take. XD

After movie I changed and went to Ecobar from home to meet my bro-friends. Ahh... wine session for chillin time. Having these two wingman is crazy, with their dirty talks and lame jokes XD

What a wonderful night

My wine buddies forever and ever.


That's the end of me birthday celebration. See ya'll soon! x