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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Waking Up As September Ends

Hola people! Blogging is so at the bottom of my To-Do-List. I was looking back at my old posts and oh my... I was so young back then! >.< All the fun-and-stress free-plus-no worries days!

Anyways, back to now, I had my birthday dinner last week with my pretty little bitches. Hmm.. correction is BIRTHDAY DINNER - CHASED HITZ.FM FUGITIVE - BIRTHDAY CAKE. A little confusing but bare with me, I'll explain it as you read.

We decided to try Las Delicias as one of us tried and said the food was *thumbs up* and plus we have the vouchers for that restaurant. But I must say, the customer service was pretty bad.

The awesome Pork Lasagna. I would go back for this dish, seriously.

Pork Burger... Nah..

Lamb Shank would be my #2 favorite of the night

Well you see, it was a good Friday night (28/9/2012) with them at Las Delicias, Citta Mall and all of the sudden one of us said "It's 9pm" which was the last and final round of catching the Hitz.fm fugitive. So...we all quickly paid the bill and rushed to KLCC (apparently wasn't the right place after all) and we had a great time running up and down sharing clues and asking people around, "ARE YOU THE HITZ.FM FUGITIVE?" LOL!!

And then, it was after 11pm when the winner caught the fugitive at Merdeka Square for RM14,000! Congrats *with heartache*. And it was what the melon CAKE time! We went to Ampang to search for Station One just to realized it was a-station one-turned-DOLPHIN-cafe-restaurant. Yea. . .

From Free Mori. Not bad, surprisingly.
Tired but happy!

Mint Hot Chocolate

Chatted whole night like there is no tomorrow. Haven't had such great time with these idiots for a loooooong time.

I'll be back for the next round of birthday dinner. :)



Shuwen said...

Haha you really do look tired in the pic but nice food pics!

choulyin.tan said...

lol how did you think it was in KLCC? btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

snoopy said...

@shuwen - exactly! i have eye bags in my eye bags! XD

@choulyin - the clues actually lead us to KLCC but it wasn't in the end :( thank u!