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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Big Day in June


July is here and I'm not sure I'd achieved anything for the first 6 months. XO
Anyways, I have the time to blog today and I would proly share some memorable pictures.
It was Val's wedding weekend and fuuuuh... It was a busy weekend!
But it was a great experience to help out. :)

*bling bling*

The beauty bride

Purple themed dress

Left: Benny, TWINS, Snoopy

Mr and Mrs Tan - who tried to sell me out that night =__=

Librarians have in common - Sleeping mode on for 24 hours!

Congrats VALERIE and HUI HONG! I had a great weekend with you and your family! Hope to see you again soon! And enjoy your married life yo! It's another new chapter of life.



Hilda Milda™ said...

I like your dress and your hair, did you do it yourself? (:

snoopy said...

Hola Hilda! Thanks.. The dress was really cheap and the hair was done by a great hairstylist in rush hour.. XD

jac26 said...

hey Michelle, u look gorgeous in the pic.. oh ya it's me ur looooooong x2 lost fren,Jacqueline Mascarina,hehe ... .. I like to follow up ur blog, kind of interesting. I can see you've improve a lot and getting mature *^▁^*.Just to let u know, if u want to track me, juz E-mail me(mascarina. j @gmail. com ). I don't have any FB a /c.. •﹏•

snoopy said...

jac!!! i sent u an email! Can't believe this! Check your mail! Quick!