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Friday, November 18, 2011

Untitled #3

People change. No doubt about it. Only either in a good way...or the other. I knew that all along..well, not since young of course. But I kinda learned that fact through experiences as I grow up, in other words, through the hard way. I always tell myself that "It's okay, things will be different only for today" and yet so far, only 3 factors proved me right - Family, God and Money.

Family will always be family - the one that will never leave you. They'll first watch you grow then you'll watch them grow - young to old.

God will always be there. Near or far, He'll be there.

Money will never betray you. But people might betray you for the ka-chings. Beware.

Random picture.

I hate it when people change. I couldn't figure out why and how does a person could change so much in a split second but they do. It's like they'll snap whenever their mind feel like doing it. And it galled me to see each time when I was so laid back in the comfy zone, enjoying the moment, that everything changed without a signal. Or a warning.

A wise man once told me if this happens again, all that can be done is just to Accept, Face, Solve and Let Go. Indeed, these few words really helped in "Why The Hell Do People Change" subject. *yeay*

Also, never tell yourself that you'll not repeat the same situation in future. Cause it definitely WILL HAPPEN again. Especially humans...you know, they tend to care. Or slightly teeny weeny overboard when it wasn't necessary.

"SNOOPY! YOU FAILED THE TASK, AGAIN!" - Yes. this is a sad predicament for Snoopy. But! Lesson learnt and all iz weeeeeeeell!

I'm kuul! *inside joke with me kids*  :D Oopsy! I suddenly miss the *Just dance...Ga Ga...* momento!

Mañana será mejor, Snoopy! 



shah said...


♥snoopy♥ said...

Holla! :D

KimberlyMay said...

hey change is inevitable but hopefully it is a change for the better and not for the worse!

♥snoopy♥ said...

kimberly - hopefully ((((: and thanks for visiting!