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Sunday, September 18, 2011

All The Crazy Shits

I miss you like crazeh! You reminds me of the crazy shits we did and said. I miss all the randomness. Even for just a short period. It's worth it.. period. I would do it again everyday. I remember you, all of you. I remember when I was bored, I'll be happy as soon as I see you cause you know just how to get me excited in everything. You had been protecting me since I can't recall when. And you still do. 

I always ask myself what had happened to us all. Where is all the bonding and laughter and happiness we used to conquer without worries? I couldn't figure it out. Or maybe I shouldn't. No matter what happens with our family, ya'll are still and will always be my ohana. Whatever happened is over. And we don't have to live with it everyday cause it's not our fault. We don't need to shed our precious tears for those silly things. We definitely don't need to waste a f*cking second to think about "what ifs"

All the gatherings we had, playing lanterns together, dancing like a mad, hanging Christmas decorations at night, opening our red packets in the toilet - As much as I want these to happen every year, we all knew it had stopped long time ago and it'll only happen in our dreams. But I'll keep these memories tight. 

Let's just f*ck them out and live our lives our way. Shall we?

A song that reminds me of out childhood.

I'm searching for answers, not given for free
You're hurting inside, is there life within me?
I'm dreaming the dream, and I'll sing to share
In search of the door, to open your mind
In search of the cure of mankind
Help us, we're drowning
So close up inside
Why does it rain, rain, rain down on utopia
Why does it have to kill the ideal of who we are?
Why does it rain, rain, rain, down on utopia?
How will the lights die down, telling us who we are

Last but not least, Ohana. 



Kian Fai said...

wah nice blog layout XD

♥snoopy♥ said...

thanks kian fai.. :))

Xing said...

ehhh why when i right click, it shows function disable one?

CleverMunkey ® said...

so many ss pics of u! XD

♥snoopy♥ said...

xing - yea xing, i disabled right click alr :))

munkey - hoi! whr got! she took all of the pics except for the last one loh..

Hilda Milda™ said...

I noticed your layout is different, nice one (:

♥snoopy♥ said...

thanks hilda :)) m going to change once i don like it again.. :p

Queennie said...

Awww.So sweet ! love your pictures btw ! :)

♥snoopy♥ said...

Queennie - thanks! :))