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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Let's Talk

The intersection point about Ninja Joe and Auntie Anne's is that both of them are not filling, like at all. These are the food that I'm suppose to consume occasionally. Nevertheless, it's been associating with my main meals, even worst, they ARE my meals. Why am I spending money on these? Simple answer - 屁股痒! How can I ignore the desire of wanting it yet carry the guilty pleasure around after that? I'll find out..someday, years later, maybe.

Think about the moolah I spent on these food. Worth it? You tell me. Not on my favorite food, not on   healthy food either. It's just the feeling of wanting to munch on it. Damn..why on earth do I have these feelings? Am trying to find a way to control this habit of mine. It gotta be stopped else I'll be dead before Jesus knew it.

So far, I keep telling myself that I can't afford it, my weight is not descending or I don't have enough cash. And it work.....30% of the time. Geeez. So much of troubling my brain to come up with not-so-brilliant ideas.

Is it just me or you're nodding your head in agreement with me?


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