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Friday, July 22, 2011

Work or Not

I want to retire. This is what goes round and round my head whenever I feel stress on my job. And yes..I do have stress sometimes dealing with my job. I believe every job has the same problem. Also, every time I feel like NOT doing anything (with the Lazy Song backing me up) I keep comparing myself with 'lucky people'. Hear me, they are the people who DOESN'T - NEED - TO - WORK - THEIR - LIFE - OFF. It want a life which I don't need to worry much about...anything except this - Where to have my breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Please enlighten me more.

I used to have this mindset my Dad planted in my head that everyone, everybody have to work in order to enjoy good life. Good life as in like what my Dad have now. Good job, good pay, everything's good. Though it's tough, but at least he's enjoying what he's doing. Because these.... 'these' is his passion. He love it and he still loves doing it after more than 20 years. After all the ups and downs he went through.

On the other hand, I admit that I envy them. Those who doesn't need to work and support themselves (the least). They have someone else to feed them, pamper them, take care of them, literally do everything for them. I don't know how they make people do that for them so I keep telling myself that they use either black magic or they're plain-fucking-good looking. I envy those uncles and aunties who drive posh cars. I envy people who drive my dream car. I envy those who can dine at well-known restaurants every single day. How great it would be if someone could give me that kinda life? *hinting*

I want to stay here forever.

Example, being full time mum ain't easy nowadays. They DON'T do the dirty job themselves of course but rather, plan the housework. They plan for the MAIDS to get them done. Yeah. Maids are the best selling mums in this new era. You can call them the 'real mum'. The not-so-real mum...? They're busy too...or i believe so. They have manicures to do, pedicures, saloon appointments, yum cha sessions, gossiping sessions, facial appointments, shopping time, angry bird time, maybe party here and there a.k.a socialite life. So yeah, they ARE indeed busy full time mums. I wonder what stress will they encounter..what dress to wear every dinner?

For now, I'm pretty sure...as pretty as 94.5% that it won't happen to me. There are a lot of things that I need, a lot of things that I want. Yet I have no one to ask them from. I have to work for it. It's ironic when my brain is repeating "Good things don't come easy" but then I see other people just stretch out their hands and things just fall onto them. How unfair..! Ask and you'll be given - from a Bible verse. It applies to only a certain group of human being and obviously I don't fall into that group! Why? Oh why that when I ask all I get is "Work it out yourself" ?

Life is unfair. Yeah right. Is that the ONLY excuse I can think of? Maybe..just to make me feel better. But it doesn't last long. Another excuse? There are people who live much shitty life then me. Huhk..so are they comparing their lives to mine? Well consider we're on the same boat since we have the same perception on "Life is unfair".

Oh well. At least I can write this out. A way to de-stress and stop the self arguments in my head for awhile now.

May I be greedy?



AL said...

Hahaha!! Life is unfair. But it depends on something to drives us to something that is waiting for us in the future. Oh, personal advice - explore the possibilities in life and void reading bible for where can you go to.

♥snoopy♥ said...

AL - advice taken (((: thanks j.

nur said...

whenever me feels the same.. blogging is one of the medium to de stress the feelin..

- agree with AL.. explore!! GOOD LUCK DEAR!

♥snoopy♥ said...

thanks nur! and yea..spilling everything in blogging world :))