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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Port Dickson for a Weekend

Holla! Am back from Port Dickson getaway! Hmm.. for my personal view..PD is a boring place to have a getaway. I don't know why people go there but for me it's boring. Thank goodness I have my friends are with me. Managed to go through the night with them. Hooray! 

Well we kinda planned this trip just 2 weeks before..consider it spontaneous with the bookings, who drives and what to do in PD. One of the reason is the Drama Queen came back from UK with her not-so-ang moh-bf  =___=

The couple


The driver
The passenger

The companion #1

The companion #2

When we're not the driver.. 

Okay..those two behind are ke-leh-fehs.

The braces team. HA HA.

We arrived at our destination around 3pm and we checked into our not-so-pre"y-hotel, Glory Beach Hotel. I must say it doesn't worth the price. Maybe for you guys who wants a budget hotel, ok. But I was expecting a relaxing getaway so...three words  tsk tsk tsk

The toothless team. wtf so many teams =__=

Snapped a couple of pictures and we went out to look for fun.

This is just an act. Desperate to drive XD

All 6 of us squeezed into a car (haha skinny nyerr!) We found this pasar malam, started very early, around 4pm and we went there just to get some lekors. Lots of flies on it buy we bought the freshly fried ones..so it was acceptable. But the taste was very much different. Lack of that 'fishy' smell and feel. Meeehk~

Of course there's a lot of other food in that pasar malam but we weren't interested in them. Hahk! Then we bought some groceries from one of the superstores, Billion supermarket. One shocking impression we got was THERE WERE TONS OF FLIES IN THERE!!!!!!! >.< I don't know why but one thing I realized in PD especially this supermarket is there were tons of flies flying around. Even the hotels as well! It's ever disgusting and *no further comments

Can you SEE them?!

Went off right after we got our groceries. That place was too gross that we can't stay any longer =__= Then we scout of for the beach for a 'lil fun but i guess we kinda phail-ed cause the beach we went was Teluk Kemang. It was okay but...maybe I had high expectations on the beaches so I can't really say it's NOT PRETTY.

While looking for Teluk Kemang. . . . .

My date for the weekend!

Cool? or Cooooooooool~?

 Reached Teluk Kemang and it was quite happening with a mini concert, water sports activities and food stalls around the beach.

Meet Puss in Boots. 

Meet Brown Beauty. Muahaha!

Selamat datang! >.<*

One of my favorite picture from the trip.

After a walk it was already dinner time! Went to a seafood restaurant to have "awesome" meal!

Seaview Seafood Restaurant. I think they changed the name to Chardin Seaview.
While waiting for our food patiently,

20 mins before sunset.

And waiting...

And waiting......

Done with waiting! *sluuuuurps*

Minced meat with tofu.

Crab cooked with salty egg. I prefer the outer part then the flesh =__= 

Kung po chicken

Steam fish. Not fresh and it smells so much. *ueek*

5 mins before the sun totally set down.

Comments about the food  *frown*  You get what I mean? How the hell does a seafood restaurant serves such bad seafood?! The fish..! OU AM GEE was not fresh! The vegs were not fresh as well! Crab was over-cooked. Tofu was okay.. can't complain much cause they don't serve pork. I'm certainly NOT SATISFIED with this meal. And it doesn't worth the price at all!

Next, we went for a walk in Legend Water Chalet and we fell in love with the place! We quickly asked if there's any room available and all we got was a disappointment. Anyways, we continued our walk and imagined we were staying in the chalet *desperado* And when we had enough, we bought a pack of poker cards and played a few rounds in our room. Hahaha! I was paying attention to the movie in the tv more than the game :p

Holla! Good morning!! XD

What we did with our breakfast. =__=
A walk on the beach

The idiot gang.
The best shot we got. 

Hey dear, are you a hare or a rabbit? o_O

Hello you

So, it was sunny! 

Overall, I don't fancy Port Dickson. But since I was with friends then fine..I give credit to that. Having friends around is always always always fun.. no matter how boring a place is. You'll have the same fun with awesome people. That is all you need to have real FUN

Despite the bad food, bad accommodation and disappointed beach side, we still had our fun . And more pictures on the next post. Haha! See ya soon! 



Hilda Milda™ said...

Yeah, PD is actually getting worse now xD not advisable to go there for weekend getaway heee btw, finally see you smile wide with braces on! not that bad lah :D

♥snoopy♥ said...

thanks hilda! and yea..i don recommend PD for my friends! ~.~