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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Huge Dinner

Went home for Grandma's birthday 2 months ago. *kehkehekeh* Didn't know that my aunts actually ordered soooooo many dishes for Grandma's dinner!! Most of the dished was unfinished and brought home for the dogs. Damn lucky loh the dogs..  

But I can't remember the names.. Will try my best to recall them one-by-one!

This... I believe is the starter.

This is the shark fin soup.

Yin Yong fish

Sambal prwan head with mayo prawns =___= Kinda yin yong also. The sambal one was darn delicious but i can't eat much. I was having 2 major ulcers at my wisdom tooth! >.<

I seriously don't know what the heck is this. It has tuna with mango on top, and a few pieces of chickens. Many of us didn't eat this dish. It's just.......a weird dish.

Anyone want's this? LOL! 

There are few more dishes but I forgot to snap them cause I was already been distracted with chit chats and snapping other things.. And my wisdom tooth was celebrating it's 2 year old birthday so I can't eat much that night  TOOOOOOOO BAAAAAAAD~!

Few pictures of my cousins and aunts. 

Overall, the dinner was good! Everyone enjoyed their meal. Though I wish the fun ended the way i wanted. Oh well... everything is going to be fine cause Snoopy said so! 


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