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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Beka's Farewell

It takes just a sec to us to click. Thanks to Ella, I befriended this awesome dude. His name is Beka. Or if you would translate it into Hakka, Bi-Ka, meaning ‘numb’ cause he can take in few bottles of Absolute Vodkas by his own. He'll be carrying the bottle and locked up in his own world, enjoying the 'quiet' moment all to himself =__=.

No…but not the normal ones you drink, drank, drunk but those 80% and above ones. Yet too bad that he’s not a Malaysian and he’s from a very freakishly far country called UZBEKISTAN ✈ .  He went off in May (LOL! YES THIS IS A VERY F*CKING OLD POST!! XDD)

Oh well...TGIF = Thank God Invented Facebook that we keep in touch from time to time! But before he left, we had our last meeting in Opera, Sunway Pyramid. Nothing much..just a post to remind myself of this idiot dude! LOL!

Goodbye to you!!!! And good luck in your future!!!!!! 

Goshhhh such a phail post! >.< Sorry but I'm toooo tired to write a long one! Lost all my energy when I was doing my Marathon post...hehk! But I'll be back again some time laterrrrr!! 

P/S That night was funny!! He dared me to dance on the stage and if I do he'll pay me rm200! Damn I was busy negotiating until the end of the night! RM200 fly awayyy~! Uuuurrgghhh!! And I hate them for not letting me know that they're going to a club cause my attire always doesn't match the night ~.~ Ishhh...I always kena one =____=

Okie dokie..That's all...Ya'll take care and stay put!



Kelvin said...

A few bottles??? I will be lying dead after 2 shot cups i think XD

♥snoopy♥ said...

LOL! i know..right?! he's such a drinker!!