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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Her Name Is Anabelle

Babies. The little creatures that runs around, shouts about everything and constantly seeking for attentions from anyone…… Or anything. There is a new born in my uncle’s family few months ago and I never got the chance to say Hi to her. And finally I got the chance to do it two weeks ago, it was great!

I’d never say Hi to a little creature so close that I can gaze her beautiful sparkling eyes long enough to melt my heart. Such a wonderful, innocent and lovely girl was born and i wonder how long would she stay that way ):

Raising a child ain't easy. You can't spoil him/her, can't hold on to him/her that tight, can't stop worrying about him/her etc etc. Such a  huge responsibility parents hold and I still can't figure out how they managed it (should ask my dad next time I meet him). Not to mention the 'Why' questions too! 

I personally  kids but to raise them myself..? It's a no-no. No offence to the parents out there, you're doing a wonderful job on your kids, I assume but for me I can't accept that.....yet. Unless there's a greater reason that can overcome my 1 million no-no to raising a kid. For now...let's stick to other people's kids.

1. Say hi to Anabelle Chai. 

2. She's my youngest cousin. 6months old.

3. Her name, Anabelle was given by a pretty 'lil laydeh named Snoopy Tang. MUUAHAHAHAHAHAAAHA~! 

4. Although she's only 6months old, one of her tooth decided to grow up. =__= that's a 'lil fast, don't you think?

5. EEEEeeeeeee....i pinch..i pinch...i pinch pinch pinch~~~

My mum, dad and Anabelle 

6. She is not exactly the outgoing type. She's more to a homey girl. Hopefully she'll still be the same when she grew up.

7. o_O? AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA~!!! i this one! XDD

8. I can confidently say that my dad 'gila grandson' liao. *giggling*

9. Look at them.. It's like they own the baby...pfft~ LOL! Haven't seen me 'live' with Anabelle. I made her go CRRRRRRRAA-ZEHHHHH~

10. My mum told me that when I was young, my dad would carry me whole day, play with me, make me laugh..just as what he did with Anabelle. Aawww...such love, i couldn't imagine. 

For all the parents out there, congratulations. Ya'll are brave, strong and responsible enough to raise your kids, to provide them whatever they need (and want) as well as to nurture them until they're fully grown.

I wish ya'll the best in this lifetime job and hopefully...your kids WILL understand and appreciate what you'd done for them.


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