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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Ran A Mile's Marathon

Holla!! Hugs and kisses to those who missed Snoopy for being MIA! Well I'm back for a sec to let you know about something interesting!

Snoopy was invited to a buffet last Sunday (by Elwyn) to give a marathon a go!! You heard it right! Snoopy is on a marathon! Believe it or not!! Too bad it's the one that involves MOUTH rather than LEGS! LOL!

So Atrium Café of Pyramid Tower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur is coming up with this  12-Hour Marathon Buffet Yes it's a buffet but CONTINUE READING............................................................. It's a MA-RA-THON buffet! It will be a 12-freaking-hours of BUFFET! However, it's only for SUNDAYS and public holidays and the buffet starts from 11am all the way til...........11pm! More details from  MILKADEAL . How are you going to stay in the café, facing the food and do nothing besides eating?!

You can actually go out for shopping or enjoy a day at Sunway Lagoon and come back any time you wish to have a meal....or two...or even three! It doesn't matter if it's brunch, high tea, lunch, dinner or supper as long as your stomach is hunger for food you can always continue the marathon.

So, on Sunday, the event started at 11am with other bloggers, RED.fm dj's and a few staffs in charged present. And we were free to RUN for the marathon already!

Goodie bag from Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel 

Snoopy...with braces. Obvious, no?

The stamp as your access pass in and out of the Atrium Café

The information documents and details about what exactly this marathon is.

Yeap! Only Sundays and Public Holidays but make sure you survey the periods right!

Now...the most important part of this marathon is yet to begin *swallow salivaaaaaaaa*


I don't know why i snapped this. =__= Maybe because it's Dark Olives =__=?

Some bread and salad vegetables..

I miss croissants!!

Mango and Papaya Salad

Chicpea Salad

Emmentaler and Brie Cheese


Ahhh~ Lotsa dishes but didn't snap all of them! T____T

This soup is awesome..It's cow soup and I don't normally eat beef but this is quite nice..

Yong Tau Fu! Didn't try them cause........ I actually forgot about them after i snapped the pictures =____= review phail.

After the first round of marathon, we had a break..We were to pick from a 5 mins relaxing massage from Mandara Spa or go for retail therapy at Sunway Shopping Mall as we were given a book of voucher with all the discounts and promotions around the shopping mall. 

Retail Therapy!

Then, another eating session!! This time round, lets move to Desserts!! XDDD I  this part max!!!

I couldn't agree more with this statement!! "No meal - or in this case, meals - is complete without desserts" !!


 Trying evvvvvvvvverything....!! Evvvvvvvvverrrrythinggggg!!! 

Thanks Elwyn for the invite! 

Ahh~ Papa bear was there too! :))

We had a couple of activities e.g. Wanton eating competition, Spicy popiah eating competition, Sandwhich making and eating competition and also Go carting at Sunway Lagoon for 5 mins per person!!

Spot the big bowl.. It's full of swimming wantons!

Sandwhich making session! 

My goodness. I can't remember when was the last time I had buffet. There will be lots themes every weekend - Penang Tempo, Nyonya Warm Up, HOT-N-SPICY Altitude, Hawker's Battle and Noodle Run!  Pick your favorite theme! Or if you can't pick...try them all! Muahahahah!

Snoopy was high! High up to the clouds!

Some of the Nuffnang bloggers!

The awesome crew!

Now, if you're interested but yet you have enquiries about the buffet, do give them a ring at +60374951888 or mail them at mediasrhs@sunwayhotels.com and all your questions will be answered!

I think this is really great for families that are planning to have fun at somewhere near or a bunch of friends that needs to pamper themselves with gruesome foods! Start to plan now, get your schedule checked and off you RUN!

WAIT! WAIT! MilkADeal is having this promotion - RM55 for this Marathon Buffet!! So don't wait any longer... Buy your deal now from MILKADEAL today! A reminder for you is to read all the details properly before you buy your deals!

Thanks for viewing and start running! *eat, shop, eat, eat, shop, eat, shop, nap, eat, eat...*


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ze Day

Tomorrow is ze day for...................................................................................... . Yea exactly! But before that, take a sip from Big Apple's Green Tea Latte!

Blog again soon! *continue sipping*


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yes I'm Gone Again

Nuh Nuh Nuh~ Tut Tut Tut~

Can't update a proper post cause I'm currently kinda a little tiny weeny busy. You know when people say there are ups and downs in life that one have to go through? I'm at the 'down' side at the moment.

But will definitely be back so no worries! :) Don't leave me alone okay? *I want nobody nobody but you~*



Thursday, June 09, 2011

Her Name Is Anabelle

Babies. The little creatures that runs around, shouts about everything and constantly seeking for attentions from anyone…… Or anything. There is a new born in my uncle’s family few months ago and I never got the chance to say Hi to her. And finally I got the chance to do it two weeks ago, it was great!

I’d never say Hi to a little creature so close that I can gaze her beautiful sparkling eyes long enough to melt my heart. Such a wonderful, innocent and lovely girl was born and i wonder how long would she stay that way ):

Raising a child ain't easy. You can't spoil him/her, can't hold on to him/her that tight, can't stop worrying about him/her etc etc. Such a  huge responsibility parents hold and I still can't figure out how they managed it (should ask my dad next time I meet him). Not to mention the 'Why' questions too! 

I personally  kids but to raise them myself..? It's a no-no. No offence to the parents out there, you're doing a wonderful job on your kids, I assume but for me I can't accept that.....yet. Unless there's a greater reason that can overcome my 1 million no-no to raising a kid. For now...let's stick to other people's kids.

1. Say hi to Anabelle Chai. 

2. She's my youngest cousin. 6months old.

3. Her name, Anabelle was given by a pretty 'lil laydeh named Snoopy Tang. MUUAHAHAHAHAHAAAHA~! 

4. Although she's only 6months old, one of her tooth decided to grow up. =__= that's a 'lil fast, don't you think?

5. EEEEeeeeeee....i pinch..i pinch...i pinch pinch pinch~~~

My mum, dad and Anabelle 

6. She is not exactly the outgoing type. She's more to a homey girl. Hopefully she'll still be the same when she grew up.

7. o_O? AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA~!!! i this one! XDD

8. I can confidently say that my dad 'gila grandson' liao. *giggling*

9. Look at them.. It's like they own the baby...pfft~ LOL! Haven't seen me 'live' with Anabelle. I made her go CRRRRRRRAA-ZEHHHHH~

10. My mum told me that when I was young, my dad would carry me whole day, play with me, make me laugh..just as what he did with Anabelle. Aawww...such love, i couldn't imagine. 

For all the parents out there, congratulations. Ya'll are brave, strong and responsible enough to raise your kids, to provide them whatever they need (and want) as well as to nurture them until they're fully grown.

I wish ya'll the best in this lifetime job and hopefully...your kids WILL understand and appreciate what you'd done for them.