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Saturday, April 23, 2011

April, Kicking

Meh Meh! Hollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

I'm further behind my schedule to update. *slap face*
And here you are, my updates so far..... *wink

Update 1 - I was craving for A&W!!!! So I ordered a delivery since I don't have transportation to move my ass to SS2...heeeeeeeee!


Satisfying my craves are one of the happy things to do!

Update2 - Mum came over to KL for a couple of days. Feel bad  cause she can't stay with me. Ishhh! And I can only meet her for a day since I started working already.

Do we look alike? Hmmmm....


Mum's craving? Tong sui! Hahahah!

Update 3 - Met my good ol' "protégé" after...........3 years! LOL! Whatta mean mentor I am!  Well we went out, as usual to catch up, then advice him a bit *ehem ehem* biasa lah...this is what mentor should be doing merr....

Camera shy konon =___=

Update 4 - I think I'm kinda-sorta-maybe is one of OldTown's fan....? o_O

there's a lot more but...let's just stick to these for now (:

Update 5 - First time to Tim Pan Gor Gor Hong Kong dessert...? Was good. Second time...? Wanna puke!

First round was much better

What happened to the second round I don't know but I totally banned Tim Pan Gor Gor now..This is such a DIZAZTER!!

Update 6 - Met Ah Long and Darling for dinner! It's been awhile since we last meet. Everyone's so busy with work now . I miss all the leisure time we spent together where we just hang out, hang out, chit chat, laugh, hang out and laugh.

Look at these two scrawny girls! 

Update 7 - Went to Fahrenheit 88 and Sungei Wang on a fine day to jalan jalan and pamper myself with pedicure with me roomie! 

Ahhhh! Giant feet

Picture of the Month

So..this is my updates so far...A couple more posts up soon! And thanks for reading!! 



Hilda Milda™ said...

How much was the pedicure? The blue nail polish looks nice on whoever's foot it is (:

♥snoopy♥ said...

holla hilda! the pedicure was RM40! And that was my roomie's foot! Hehehe

Kian Fai said...

*1 so . . . is time that your bring me go A&W? No worries I fetch u point the road hehe

*2 hahah you and your mum seriously looks alike :) need to see your dad photo too XD

*3 no komen hahah why camera shy?

*4 god you eat so many . . . more than me! XD

*5 dessert eat once a week . . . and you go twice in a day, keng!

*6 harlo leng lui =P

*7 hahah your feet is right side is it? hmmmm

*final u looks pale, take care yo :)

by kianfai

♥snoopy♥ said...

okay kian fai, i'll show u d way to A&W!
hmmm...next time i post my dad's picture!
he don't want to be taken wor...
where got..a bit nia..
no lar..different day..heheeee
yes! my feet is at the right! so pandai!
i'm getting better now!