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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Italiannes!

Happie Belated Easter everyone! Hahahah..!

So, for my Easter weekend, I went to church, *amen* City Harvest church. It was still as the same as how i remembered so far but I was told that they are going to move to a new building. Awesome! They really need a new place.

One thing i really love about City Harvest is they have a very-extremely-absolutely good looking pastor. Now i may faint for a sec. If you don't believe me, go to their service for once. He's soooo hawt to be a pastor. Rich, good looking and a pastor! Geeeez what else do you want from a man like that?

Okay the service was nice. It's about the awareness of autism. Nice one. Then I went to Sunway Pyramid for dinner with a couple of friends.. and we went to Italiannies. Was ready to cut a hole in my pocket as soon as i heard the name of the restaurant but then i saw the course meal and was surprised. It's only RM27.90 for 2 course meal. Awesome!

Snoopy eating Sunday apple twist!

Motoh! Hahaha...! Weird pose

Another friend of mine came to pick us up from Midvalley and we kinda got lost n our way to the church. Oh well...we still make it on time at least. 

City Harvest's pastor...Urrgghhhh! I love him! Okay! moments of silence... ✝ 

DONE! Wuhuuuuu!! It was crowded with humansssss!

Sunway, here we come!! I miss Sunway!!! Very muchhhhh! 

Motoh and Judy! Thanks for the ride, love!

While waiting for Judy's friend to meet us, I was itchy to try this out. Hahaha! Recommended by another friend of mine....so..........

 Cone Pizza! It's in bite size, cute and pretty! 

I love how brilliant the colors are.. ((((: 

Waited for around....10 minutes and.....

Taaaaaadaaaaaaaa!!!! Hahaha! Can't see how it really looked like but I kinda liked it 

Snoopy x Judy! 

Snoopy with Cone Pizza!


Toasted bruschetta as my starter 

It was okay... i like the marinated tomatoes and cheese and the sauces. But it didn't really give the "kik".

For main course, i ordered Pan Fried Fish with Butter and Capers! 

the fish was alright but the vegs were not inviting..it's not fresh and the carrots are.........not fresh =__= capers sauce was okay though.

Oh pretty!!

Judy x Snoopy 

my new sandals (((((:

the advantage of not being a driver. hahahah! 

Had a very good nigh sleep too! Only accompanied by a few coughs. Dang it. Will update again soon! 


Saturday, April 23, 2011

April, Kicking

Meh Meh! Hollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

I'm further behind my schedule to update. *slap face*
And here you are, my updates so far..... *wink

Update 1 - I was craving for A&W!!!! So I ordered a delivery since I don't have transportation to move my ass to SS2...heeeeeeeee!


Satisfying my craves are one of the happy things to do!

Update2 - Mum came over to KL for a couple of days. Feel bad  cause she can't stay with me. Ishhh! And I can only meet her for a day since I started working already.

Do we look alike? Hmmmm....


Mum's craving? Tong sui! Hahahah!

Update 3 - Met my good ol' "protégé" after...........3 years! LOL! Whatta mean mentor I am!  Well we went out, as usual to catch up, then advice him a bit *ehem ehem* biasa lah...this is what mentor should be doing merr....

Camera shy konon =___=

Update 4 - I think I'm kinda-sorta-maybe is one of OldTown's fan....? o_O

there's a lot more but...let's just stick to these for now (:

Update 5 - First time to Tim Pan Gor Gor Hong Kong dessert...? Was good. Second time...? Wanna puke!

First round was much better

What happened to the second round I don't know but I totally banned Tim Pan Gor Gor now..This is such a DIZAZTER!!

Update 6 - Met Ah Long and Darling for dinner! It's been awhile since we last meet. Everyone's so busy with work now . I miss all the leisure time we spent together where we just hang out, hang out, chit chat, laugh, hang out and laugh.

Look at these two scrawny girls! 

Update 7 - Went to Fahrenheit 88 and Sungei Wang on a fine day to jalan jalan and pamper myself with pedicure with me roomie! 

Ahhhh! Giant feet

Picture of the Month

So..this is my updates so far...A couple more posts up soon! And thanks for reading!! 


Friday, April 01, 2011

Fool, am I?

First day of April. And I'm my owns' fool. Went for an interview of an IQ development and education center. I was asked to write a essay "About your University life (NON-NARRATIVE)" or something like that.

My first response was SWT-WTF-FML. There you go..the full combination of frequently used alphabets. I wish i could write that out in that piece of paper when i saw that sentence. Especially with that "non-narrative" part.

Honestly..? I hated 60% of my university life when i was in UK for the past 2 years and let me tell you why.

1 I hated when Asians were treated like crap by some of the ang moh's in the class. Or if you want to know the bigger scope? 60% population in Newcastle. They were racist and yes i said it they-WERE-racist. Even BBC's are racist to us damnit. I just don't get it WHY THE HELL can't they accept the fact that we came from other country just to study and mind our own business!? It's not like every Asian (girls) go over to scout for ang moh's okay! Of course i met nice people as well besides these crappy ones and when i say NICE, i meant they were awesome!  They just made me felt like among the darkness of racist *wtf*  there was a glimpse of light that make me think Newcastle wasn't that bad after all.

2 I hated winter.  I'm not sure about ya'll but i hated it. My shopping spree was much lesser than the other seasons, I gained weight because i can't stopped eating to warmth myself, my body got extra dry that it actually flaked for weeks and god, the floor were slippery! Whole winter. I stayed indoor often due to the coldness of the weather which was pretty extreme during 2010. And girls, i'm pretty sure sometimes your mood kinda go-with-the-weather and trust me, during winter..you'll have the most wrinkles on your forehead in a year. The weather was always gloomy, dark, sad  which affected my mood. It is quite a big deal when the mood is affected by the weather, you know what i mean?

3 I hated the lifestyle. Shops were closed aft 5pm/6pm, 8pm for Thursdays *hallelujah!* and then after that....? No life. No mamak, No yum cha sessions, No jalan jalan, Nothing. Plain nothing. Oppsy...yes there is! Clubbing..Clubbing...and more clubbing! yeay =________________= Personally i'm not a regular clubber, so for a nightlife of clubbing, alcohols, guys, drunkies is totally so not Snoopy! I need yum cha! I need mamak! I need my combo meal of roti cheese plus neslo ais! Ou mai gawd i was dead bored when dark conquered the day and honestly i had absolutely NO IDEA how did i managed the nights i had. I don't even want to recall.

I hated that there wasn't much varieties of vegs and fruits in the market. My what-the-hell-again? vegetables was broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, cabbages, peppers and NONE. Seriously that was it. It's so boring! Boring! I'm kinda picky on food so... Only occasionally i had kailans or pak choy or if we went to Chinatown we'll have other varieties but limited as well. And it cost. For god's sake, they have CCTV all over the market which i don't know what is that for. People stealing apples and broccoli from the market?  Oh! and the poultry..! Almost everything is boneless! Well you can label me as a typical Chinese but it's a fact that i need meat with bones! You know...those meat....attached to....bones..!? Especially when i wanted to cook soup, oh-am-gee it's not easy to get pork bones. *faint* I can't take it...i just can't..i got heart attacks each time i think about this.

Pheeeeeeeeeeew..so far, these are my complaints. There is another one more but that takes about few months to finish my story so i'll keep that for next time. Nyeeeeeeeeh! 

Ou yeah...this is NOT a racist post against Newcastle. Just what i thought about University life. The from-the-bottom-of-my-heart one. I'll be witting a "What I Love About Newcastle" probably next post (:

Snoopy, after interview