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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Second Year Blogging


2 years in 2 blinks here i am..still alive..so far so vegetable-ly bad in blogging world. good news is my blog posts has been decreasing! *high 5*

okay okay...i'm not inspired to blog so much..so for now it'll be short posts (:
til i get my mojo for blogging again.

yea...this is my CURRENTLY IN look. jealous?

i strongly believe my readers will have the patience to wait for my lil' mojo to come back for longer posts.just give me some time...let's say A YEAR. ah wait..just in case you won't be here next year (choi! but true), i'll be standing right behind your door tonight to whisper my updates to you.

i would like to say...i'm kidding for all of the above. *bang* kthxCibai..

don't be so sensitive..Ci is for Ciao.. (:



darranlow said...

Time sure flies! Congrats on your second anniversary, hope your passion for blogging stays!

♥snoopy♥ said...

thanks darran!