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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nuffnang Screening - HOP

Holla, last day of March 2011! XD So the last post for my March 2011 will be my HOP (which means "jump" in Danish) screening. ☠ ☠ ☠

I believe everyone knows what's the plot is about, right? Well sit back, relax and enjoy the fun! Here is just some of the conversations I love! Weeeee!

from Wikipedia

Ou yeah, the casts:-

E.B aka Easter Bunny - Russell Brand
Fred O'Hare - James Marsden
Sam O'Hare - Kaley Cuoco
Easter Bunny - Hugh Laurie
Carlos & Phil - Hank Azaria

the main character, EB!

Fav lines from EB:-

"Oh, I understand. I'll just sleep down here among my poo and pee like a pig."

"All great artists suffer before they become famous. That lady wrote Harry Potter in a ditch"

another main character as well, Fred O'Hare

Fav lines from Fred (with E.B):-

"Is your sister seeing anyone?"
"No she's single and looking for a rabbit"

"I'm special...I'm really special. Look!"
"What are you doing? Jelly beans? So you talk and you poop candy!"

the evil chicky, Carlos

Fav lines from Carlos:-

"This is called 'Un coup d'état', which is a French for Un coup d'état..Uh hahaha!"

the cute dancing chicky, Phil

Fred's sister, Sam

Fav line from Sam:-

"Look how cute this stuffed bunny is. He's so soft and cute and cuddly and...and....warm"

the Pink Berets!

awwww...isn't he adorable..?

 This is my favorite trailer...! LOL! XD 

 Before screening, a bunch of us went to Kim Gary for dinner (:

Middle - Miss Xing!
Left & Right - Nuffnangers of the night!

Melissa joined us after dinner. Was caught up at work before that...and finally....? WE MET in person!! XD 
The only guy in this picture is Elwyn! My date for the movie...Heeeee! Met Xing again. Heeeeeeee!!

Not forgetting the group photo!

photo from Sher

Blogger who went for the screening - Carmen , Henry Tan , Kian Fai , Hilda Teo , Isaac Tan , Tony Teh Sher Degarmo , Henry Lee , ELWYN and those I met first time. LOL! Sorry didn't get their names >.<

*ehem ehem with the Bri"ish accent* Well over"ll this moo"ee is ente"ainin' , it's funny and both kids and adults will d"finitely LOVE this moo"ee! Go watch it~!  It's really adorableeeee!!! 

P/S Happy April Fool! Weeeee!



crazywrazy said...

wheee happy april fool snoopy mich! ahaha nx time i will take photos of you :P

Qi Wen 绮文 said...

cute bunnies! =) miss the great crowd...

♥snoopy♥ said...

crazy - oh nooooooooooooooooo..with u ok lah..

qi wen - yeah!i haven't met u in person,right?

Hilda Milda™ said...

English accent is sexy :P

Baboon Tan said...

and guess what, I can listen to your evil laugh during the movie wei! :)
didn't take photos with me want :(

♥snoopy♥ said...

hilda - but hard to get them at times o_O

baboon - yeah meh?lol! >.< yeah lah..too much pictures di until i dono who have i taken photo with @.@