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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mix, Match and March

HOLLAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! heheheee...it's already the end of March! and i survived without a job! ou mai gawd i'm sooooo gonna die soon! stab me please!! i'm too relaxed in my comfort zone that i wish i wouldn't have to work for the rest of my life! aaaarrrgghhhh!! 

anyways, apart from being jobless, i had an awesome March (;
and sorry this will be a slightly long post i tried to compact the pictures into one. :O i know, i'm awesome. thank you. meeeeeehk!

❂ Went to HP Ignite Your Senses event in Zouk (thanks to Munkey!) met a couple of nice and funny human beings. haha!

Left - Met JoJo Stryus, emcee of the night! pree"y!
Middle - Munkey and Hui Wen!
Right - Met Ah Bok and Hui Wen, how on earth they get so funny!

Left - Awesome Hui Wen! X))))
Middle - JoJo Stryus and Munkey.. (:
Right - Munkey's long lost brother..Shiiteck!

❂ Also, i met up with a couple of old high schoolmates to catch up and chit chat a bit over dinner (;

Top Left - ah Thien aka TVB! hahaha! long time no seeeee!
Top Right - A & W Float...! OMGEEEE it's been awhile! T_____T
Bottom Right - Ordered Grill Lamb Chop from Piccadilly and it SUCKED. totally.
Bottom Left - Sylviaaaaaaaaa!!!! Missssh u! 

❂ Went off to Midvalley on a fine day to meet up with my roomie and had dinner together in Chicken Rice Shop (:
a Combo Meal at RM15 for all of the above except for the first left picture. That's their menu... :D

❂ My first visit in CCC, had a cozy chit chat session with JolynMunkey and Jayren (: .

 Coffee FTW!

❂ Accompanied my Darling to her pervert skin specialist in SS19 and then went off to Midvalley for shopping! Damn we were so hooked in shopping! >.<

Me sexy drivah! 

Rak Thai, The Gardens for lunch! (:

❂ Went dating with my roomie in Secret Recipe and we...........walked to the restaurant. Very rare of me to have a more than 5 minutes walk to have my lunch.

Roomie camera shy so...only me in da picture! ☠

❂ Accompanied roomie to meet Uncle Tan and her sis! wuuuhuuuu! Too excited, didn't snap their pictures! lol! phail!

the gray scale way ☻

and a lil' bits of here and there but i think this is pretty much summarizes my whole March. weeee!! i had an amazing and fun March! hopefully the fun will still be here when i got a new job! *amen*

i'll update more soon! lol kiddin' .................................... ? no, not kiddin'!  =_______=

Note: All pictures were taken with Sony Ericsson Satio (;



HenRy LeE ® said...

ahhh... u left out the HOP movie screening! haha!
good update... waiting for the april one... LOL

♥snoopy♥ said...

screening another post 2mr! too much di this one @.@ pengsan aku!

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Hilda Milda™ said...

& I met you twice in March too but I never get to snap pic solo with you yet (:

♥snoopy♥ said...

HILDAAAA!!!! lol!! yeah! oh gosh we missed the chance...again @.@

xing said...

Snoopy i know you have a secret crush on me. I appeared on this post more than you haha! *ehemmmm!*

♥snoopy♥ said...

xing - hahahah!!! nice guess!! XD nobody took a picture of me leh...how to post my solo pic? ):