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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hailam Kopitiam

she, my darling comes occasionally to have dinner, chit chat with my roomie and I. so for this time, we tried Hailam Kopitiam in SS2.

hmmm.... crazy mode 

their website HERE

tried their Nasi Lemak Special with Ayam Rendang 

darling and V

darling and Snoopy 

I'm glad with their service and atmosphere. I hate noisy places when it supposed to be cozy and nice to hang out. For those who haven't heard or tried or even don't dare to try this kopitiam... Just Do It!

With all the tired day at work, thanks for driving us out for dinner, love! I specially love riding in your car...lots of crazeh stuffs happens when we're together! hahaha!

P/S I went back for 2nd time and i dropped their salt and soy sauce keeper =______=



Choiii said...

Dayumm those bad boys are hot!! but no one steals any light from 羅志祥 :L I love that man <3

♥snoopy♥ said...

lol! i love Mr.Lo as well! yuhuuu!

HenRy LeE ® said...

wakakaka... that "moment' was damn epic lor! :P

♥snoopy♥ said...

=________________= shhh!