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Friday, February 18, 2011

Chocolates, Roses and a Date

AH HAK! Valentine's Day...the most romantic day of the year..so they say. but what about for those who doesn't have a romantic partner OR even a partner? well well...not to worry cause there are singles out there who spends this beautiful rosy, chocolaty day/night together and it might be a better than those couples!

so my date and i went to Alexis, Bangsar Baru branch which is quite near to Bangsar Village for dinner (: and this is how my love letter begins....

photo from her phone

she! my date ♥

Snoopy! her date! XD

sweet hot chocolate ✿

can't remember the name fml =_______=

i think this is Linguine Carbonara o_O

the awesome brownies! :O



us...hmmm...how sweet! meeeehhhkkk~


...and i

so..this is how and who i spent my Valentine's Day! after all day work..this was definitely what i NEED!

photo from her phone

to all the single laydehs out there..happy Valentine's Day and love yourself more than anyone/anything else! exception for loving Snoopy! nyeeeeeh! XD 

pampering myself more is one of my MISSION of the year! weekly masks, pedicures, real awesome foods, maybe body massage soon! :D 



amerulazry said...

u should to invite me along with...hehehehehe

♥snoopy♥ said...

i bet there'll be a chance!

lalalabird said...

thanks for turning my anti-V's day to V's day! =)
V for Valentine, not Vivian..

Anonymous said...

welcome darling! (;