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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Update #1

OooOOoo.....gone for sooooo long! sorry for ya'll! especially those who found me gone from Facebook! i deactivated myself from Facebook TEMPORARILY so that i can focus on my 1st official job until i'm confidently familiar with my it then i'll activate it again..

but i'll be back for Facebook during CNY holidays of course..hehehee!

wokay...so i started my job on 17th Jan..and first day was EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMELY gan cheong ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! ☹ then 2nd day was awesome until now ♥ buying OL clothes is much more difficult then buying CNY clothes, damn it! i'm still looking for some great looking shoes and bags to match my clothes..oh well..that can wait, aite?

i was planning to snap every outfit i wear to work everyday and post it up for opinions but PHAIL. some mornings i rushed myself, some mornings i just forgot about it...HAHAAHAHAH!! starting from Feb...i'll keep this idea in mind..

grandma came to visit last week and she was soooooo cute!! hahah!! she asked me about boys and work and how's life..awww...Grandma is da BOMB!!! ☠ had a couple of night outs to Quattro and Opera this weekends to catch up with ol' friends! 

my current life now is on "so far, so good" mode..except for the pay i'll be getting every month..can't wait! that'll be "thrilled" mode!!!

another thing...! to all Lady Gaga fans....her new song, Anatomy of Change is AWESOME!

i can't wait this to hit the clubs everywhere! are you as excited as i am?

i'll be back again next weekend for updates..and below are few pictures from my OL clothings..happy shopping for CNY, loves! see ya!

shoes from Korea

one of the mix and match i have

1st day outfit 


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