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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Sissy Twinkle

meet Twinkle...the PONDAN poodle 

the first snap i had of you.

i didn't like nor hate you when we first met but you were excited when i arrived your home (: that was a great start. i wasn't interested in you cause you looked weird..it's like you have a dog's soul in a sheep's body............or the other way round o_O yet you never stopped bugging me and yeah...you seem like you'd been trying really damn f*cking hard

and the reason he is a PONDAN POODLE cause he has only one BALL. serious.

day after day...we kinda clicked (somehow..geeeez) and i found out you're kinda funny...and GEPOH~ you always try to attract attention from both your owner and me...trying go get either one of us to play with you..and we did...so high...so fly....like a G6...sheeeeesh...i wonder how did we played that rough *roll eyes*

you were with me for the whole week when you owner went back to hometown and that period was a DISASTER for me......both of us actually..LOL! i felt like our life looked freakin'ly alike lor!! XD starting from sunrise, when i woke up, u ikut waking up...and then after i peed...i have to ask you to pee as well..then sometimes i poo soon after that..you'll poo as well (under commands of course)..and when i eat...u also ikut eat...

when i surf the internet, you either sleep again or busy walking here and there...like you own a massive business around the house

tsk tsk tsk..

Twinkle...how much can you sleep?!

wake up lah!

hah...this was you when you tried your attempt to curi makan...

awwww....this was you with your owner's nerdy specs LOL!!! (he was afraid of specs after that hahaha!!)

this was you when i scared you with GHOST HOWLING sounds with the door squeaky so ngam to happened together!! ✌ HAHAHAHAH!! this was damn funny! how can you be so chicken!?!? memang sah u pondan! proven! XD

eeeeeee....wat have you done? so dirty?

sweet.....i was reading and you were accompanying without a bark (: sweet...how sweet! ♥ ♥ 

☁ the night you left 

i'm gonna miss ya buddy..period. so shit of you to make me miss u so. i'm wishing you great time with your new owner and friends..!

so long! you sissy poodle!



Hilda Milda™ said...

HAHAH one ball only? you serious?! :O but he's cuteee, so fluffy hehe

TOLANIC said...

Fuahh, with spec, so cute! Was this your spec? Must be you are a nerd! =)

ken said...

looks cute.. dogs are always men's best friend.. too bad u gotta give it away.. :)

~Snowman~ said...

One ball? u serious? OMG! =P

♥snoopy♥ said...

[hilda] yes..only ONE..was wondering whr was d other one o_O
[tolanic] no lar..my friend's one..heeee
[ken] yea...have to give it awayyy
[snowman] serious.. XD i'll try to get a pic of it if it's possible :)

crazywrazy said...

awww sho sho cute! I like the dog with big ears one, can flap flap one!

♥snoopy♥ said...

crazy - oh..ngam u la those kind..if can flap to ur face lagi good is it? lol!