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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Say It Or Not

i used to think apologizing is ridiculous as it's not in my tradition or culture or manners or in my blood to say so. let's put it this way, i'm a good girl bad girl. i don't express it in verbal way but in action. i remember i argued a lot with my BFF when we were younger and stupid-er back then but i always buy her stuffs as my "apology" . so she either accept it or ignore it..........for awhile and we'll b sticky candies once more. 

however, as i grew over the years of learning process, i understood that i was wrong. people seems to have trouble of not hearing those magic words. AND i thought i bought the wrong stuff for them. SHYT =_________=

i realized that i have regrets...for not saying "it's my fault" or "i'm sorry" or "please forgive me" . i know it very well that these regrets will haunt me for some time...even now. thereby, in order to prevent that from happening, i'm trying my best to avoid incidences that results in saying these words. i'm already bad at it so why giving myself trouble doing so, eh? 

and i'm doing it only once..u'll have to take it or leave it. i won't waste my time on people who i think being ridiculous and foolish. in future, whenever i recall back, i'll definitely won't feel bad about what happened since i've tried. i am anxious about regrets..cause those are the few things that i can't turn back time and give it a second shot, can you?

my perception is to do it now or never. and if you chose never, u'll carry along another word, REGRET. which you can't erase a single alphabet from that word to make yourself better.

you too, love. don't take that word with you.


P/S this is my darling..and we're the sweetest couple on earth! LOL! convinced?
well...at least i'm the man!



Mich said...

=) i agree with you ! but for me, i personally think that, apologizing sincerely will do the job..not pestering people about it. at least u apologized you're done with it...what left is the person to accept your apology or not.

♥snoopy♥ said...

couldn't agree more ,mich dear! ;)

amerulazry said...

just do what u intend at intial...be cool baby!

♥snoopy♥ said...

thanks, hun!