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Friday, December 03, 2010

Sunny Beach Day

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... i got this really delayed post about a beach day i had when i was STILL in UK =_____________=

the pictures were in a cd and my laptop's CD-ROM rosak lah (how great, Hallelujah!)...and i obviously didn't get it fixed until i came back, my bro's friend told me he CAN'T FIX IT. fml.

Venue: Tynemouth Beach, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Camera: Lomo (cheap one =________=)

OH! my other post about Tynemouth too...diff camera..heeeeeee TYNEMOUTH BEACH I

cutie Rottweiler! =D

OOoOoOOoOo.......big one *gulp*

took train to reach the beach..it was a sunny day!! FYI, Newcastle has really really really freakinly few sunny days..COUNTABLE! believe it or not..when there's sun , i had extra JOY ☼

lovely colors...just ♥ it! max!

market just beside the train station (:

eiiiii....nice day! *whistling ♪♬♪♫♫♪*

sorry for that finger..it wasn't meant to be a middle finger..genuine mistake XD

queued for.....30minutes for our turn. long as my sh*t....

...and it wasn't as nice as the queue under the hot sun! ~:o/

now you see..........

now you don't (: (Picture of the Day) ♥ max.

:D dandelionsssssssssssssssss!

tiny little humans.. ☺

wheeeeeeee ☂

☂ the three asians..LOL! racist.. ☂

random or no random? what say you? ✩