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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Halloween 2010?

i remembered i was working for Halloween 2009 and it was fun looking at those ang mohs costume, the effort they put in and the fun they had with their peers..

i believe Halloween in Malaysia is not as crazy as people thought it would be but at least we improved year after year...? ✔

for dinner, we went for Korean cuisine..arr~ ♥

 candid shot of Evern and Siaoyi..LOL!

after dinner, we went to Euthopia for a drink or two..and there were pumpkin craving competition =___________=

credit to Siaoyi who craved! ♕

 i used to eat this a lot when i was a kid! the popping candy XD


 holla alan!!

everyone loves popping candy...duhh~ it's fun what.. ✩

we drank, we had fun..just minus costumes :) Happy Halloweennnn!


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