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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Can't Help It

hollaa!! Snoopy's back in blogging again! i just can't stand looking at my pictures without sharing it with my close ones as well as readers out there...that was my intention for blogging after all - sharing is caring mor...heeeee

flew to KL for supposedly just for a week and first person i meet was my good ol' friend, Mr.Big Guy Aliphian! thanks for coming up to airport for me!

then, he brought me to surprised both sleepy head girls.. Nonong and Tati! headed to Midvalley, was hunting for Nasi Tumpang! i saw it in the Malaysia Airlines magazine so...hahah!!

three flower pots...heeeeeeeee! :D

this, people..is Nasi Tumpang! famous in Kelantan and it's available in Midvalley Megamall at Lot F028C, 1st Floor (near the KTM Komuter entrance), North Court,

i really never heard of it until i saw it in the mags and it was tempting! and indeed...my eyes had laid on this delicious nasi very well! it was brilliant!!

served with prawn cracker and some veges..

TADAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! nasi tumpang it is! you have to be careful when you open it or else you'll get a nasi messy instead of nasi tumpang XD..if you count properly, there's 11 layers in one Nasi Tumpang

made of omelette, meat floss, chicken and/or shrimp curry and sweet gravy..and amazingly wrapped into a California roll shaped

the gang :)

the erm.....long-story-guy but definitely funny plus lame =___________=

went for a stupid/idiot movie which i can't remember what name exactly but that was my first day in KL...perfectly unplanned plan :) happie max..! and thanks guys! can't help it but i'm really really really happy and excited to meet them..!! :D


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