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Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Three Musketeers

oopsy daisy..been gone for awhile cause i left my laptop at home for cockroaches for a week! damn i miss my lappie~

first post after a week of silence...? old post of september..HAA HAA!

had breakfast at Da Tong, Penampang :D

after first round of breakfast...grandma and mum said they were not satisfied with the dim sums and went for 2nd round...STRAIGHT AWAY~  :|

didn't snap any pictures cause it was also dim sum for the second round @.@ then we went for a 'lil shopping..mum was looking for nice chocolates for a friend :) and i got myself a........

red wine! *wink*

. . . . .

different style of drinking coffee...this Kedai Kopi Jeong Hin, Inamnam is famous of its COLD KOPI. they brewed hot coffee, cool them before bottled them up and fridge them into cleaned beer bottles..no ice added...so when you order, it'll come in bottles like these...

noon time! mum and dad went to a friend's restaurant and they serve NASI KUNING! T___________________T it's not the best but i have been craving for it~!

forgot to pour the sauce before snapping..nampak food straight gan cheong =.=

went home, showered and went out for a walk in Suria Sabah..

picture of the day :D



ViviaN said...

OI ur muka dah kurus ni!bu shi kai wan xiao de hoh!ni manyak hot..

♥snoopy♥ said...

eh? remember ur blog's password liao ah? XD yea ba...wo de INTI de ku zhe ye chuan de jing liao...told u in twitter liao ma..nothing to eat in KK's house :'(

Henry Tan said...

cold kopi? lol. very special indeed! =D where is the place?

zzkang said...

Halo...long time no see.. :D

kopi in glass bottle!!..1st time saw it...maybe i should make similar at my place...sure sell like hotcake.. :D

♥snoopy♥ said...

[henry] yea yea it's in Inamnam, New shop Phase 2..updated the name in the blog :)

[zzkang] exactly! looong time no see! hahah! u can try & let me know the outcome ;)