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Saturday, October 02, 2010

RM200 Charity Dinner

just as the title has mentioned...my mum brought grandma and i (3 flower girls again) to a charity dinner organized by the Sabah Society For the Deaf BUT for sure i know my mum won't go to that charity if it's not for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE one lah.. HAH!

not very much of pretty photos...not even picture of myself cause i was too bust picking on my clothes i didn't have enough time to make up =______________=

special guest of the night was Datuk Susan Wong...no idea who she is =______=

yes...RM200 per ticket..

menu for the night.. dishes were not worth RM200..oh well, it's FOC babe..complain no more (:

performances were presented by children from the deaf society..damn cute! from young children to adults as well as veterans 

there were loadss of performances that night..dancing, singing, hair cutting session for charity!

Datuk Susan Wong sang a few songs...i'm not sure if she's totally sober that night. She spilt red wine on the dress (breast area precisely =.=), forgot lyrics, and walked like a drunker on stage..i'm not saying anything :X

a girl offered to go bold for money collection which will be donated to the society as charity.. huge heart she have there...cute cute what..seriously.

now food!

didn't managed to snap all the food...especially when my mum skipped the last dish... DESSERT!! >.< 

but the picture of the day went to..............

this one EPIC....even grandma said she was awesome! ....not exactly the word awesome lar...but you know... *ehem* and i asked grandma to wear like that during next Chinese New Year! XD



Merrinette said...

*faint* RM200 for a ticket lol

laila said...

I love these kinds of events:DD

Jaerragus said...

Fish bladder?? how does it taste like??

Feather Fansey said...

I want the 蜜瓜西米露 >.<

♥snoopy♥ said...

[merrinette] yea...*faint x7487502374* haha!!

[laila] yea! i love those cutie pies...!

[jae] actually it tasted just normal crabmeat soup.. =.= dono wa't wit the name.. haha!!

[feather] tat was the part i MISSED! >.<