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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Numbered 23rd

uhuk! belated post..

thank you, apologies accepted.

for my birthday, it was a very simple one...just a dinner with my parents and then yam cha to the night..no more than that yet it's perfect!

dad said this will be my birthday present =_______= what? an eye liner? c'mon....

*drooooooooools* look at those platesssssss

mum and dad is ordering...trust me when i say they are pro in Japanese cuisine =.=*

salmon shashimi...?

my UNA DON! :D


err................. *shrugss*

mum and dad..and serious business :)

matcha ice cream! not good =_________________=

thanks to mum and dad!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE U BOTH TO THE MAX!!! i'm just so lucky to have them!!!


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