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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Birthday Eve

2nd of October...i flew back to my hometown for a week..didn't catch up with much friends tho..don't ask why =_________________=

so the main reason i went back is to celebrate my birthday with my parents since they can't fly over to KK...but for the eve night, i had a couple of friends with me..

reached a cafe, belong to a friend of mine..kinda surprised him a bit..heeeeeeeeeee

i don't know what drink is this cause the cafe owner ordered it for me :) i think it's mango related drink o_O
can only get this huge and beautifully decorated chicken chop in Cafe ZZO when Snoopy's there..hahahah!!! special made for me one lar this one...birthday girl ma :p

they bought a cake for me......awwww....how nice... :)
the Birthday cake for Birthday girl... sweetnesssssss

make a wish make a wish :D

and cut the cake~!

my friend did this for me as well...thanks Kaka!

Kaka and Snoopy!

da group picture...

Picture of The Day :D

you see..all i wanted for my birthday from them is to let me play some lanterns~ HAAAAAH!! yeap lanterns! i didn't get the chance to play last festival...last year's too~! >.<

so Jessie got me 3 lanterns *yeaaaay* and after hours of discussing where to lid up the lanterns, we were back to Cafe ZZO =_____________= and i forced them to have a picture with me..EACH ONE OF THEM.

they kept saying mooncake festival was over and it's weird to play lanterns in October...hmph..I DON'T CARE..

Jessie X Snoopy..! :-*

Kaka X Snoopy. . . . . . . . . . . .distracted >.<
Aaron X Snoopy

Yau Yau X Snoopy

Snoopy X Lanterns :D


i had a big party few years back and it was hectic and i fell like the party was in a mess! people were not listening to birthday girl, almost not enough food, only one birthday girl to entertain ALLLL of the guests...i'm thankful they did turned up BUT, no more next time..

big birthday party is not for petite birthday girl like me self :)

for 2010's birthday..i'm freakingly happie and would like to give a huge hearty thanks for the companions that night and those who wished me in Facebook (i think 90+ of them o_O) can't be more thankful...and i personally thank their comments...hopefully no one was left out :| 

love these piggies max :D

and thanks for viewing! love ya'll..will update again soon~



shazat said...

Aiyoo...seing the foods make me hungry..

♥snoopy♥ said...

[shazat] hahah!! as always....food = hungry! :D