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Friday, September 17, 2010


just if you guts haven't noticed, i did a little changes to my blog..more like additions of some stuffs.. at the end of posts, side bar has more additional stuffs *grinss*, Nuffnang Xchange and i joined Churp Churp! not really knowing what's that really about but it's no harm so, we'll see...  :)

i had been observing my blog since i last changed it and i really think it's kinda dull...especially the background is not PINK and adding that there isn't anything much on the side bar so i added little stuffs in it in other words, to add more colors to this blog :) hih

and my laptop is finally recovered from chronic disease!! yippiee!! urgh...it's been so long since i really face this laptop of mine for hours... i miss those time we spent together...so please don't die on me again..but it's quite hard to maintain this 'relationship' cause the webcam is not in function anymore and so does the CD ROM.. damn!

*background music- all i want for Christmas~~ is~~ ______ *

* me singing - .... is a NEW LAPTOP *

santa oh santa...have you heard me? it's an advance Christmas wish... i have to be 1st on your list as soon as Christmas arrived! nyea nyea nyea!

and my status at the moment would be jobless, broke, bored everyone's busy working yet i'm busy sleeping, hovering around! >.< it's making me sick and guilty :(

on the bright side, when my lappie was down, i made my new organizer...i was looking from bookstores to bookstores to get 'the one' but failed..so why not do my own? i'll be loving it every second, won't i? :)

apart from that.......................................................hmm..i lost it but anyway, pictures to come on next posts :)

see ya then!


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