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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Previous 18th

on 18th September 2010, it's like i went back to the past for a day...heh! confused? don't be...♥ i went out with my primary school bestie in the day and yam cha with my cell group brothers at night.. lots of flashbacks, old stories, new stories continued from old stories... LOL! but every second was massive!!  i love every bit of it cause you don't get this chances all the time

but i'm very 'clever' one... every time also forgot to take precious pictures in important outings like these -_____- 

the star of the day (: dah lah tu on the phone! you're mine today!

chocolate muffin for starter

we dined at Kenny Rogers ROASTERS in 1Borneo and ordered the on-the-promotion Kenny's Balinese Chicken with 3 side dishes and muffin (above)
my side dishes are mash potato, aromatic rice and pasta (:

Mango Magic Yogurt Iced Blends - uishhh such a long name *phew*

then we went on shopping around 1Borneo especially Sasa cause she was looking for anti-acne treatments and i was looking for................looking around XD

P/S she bought anti-acne treatment from a brand called Dr.G in Sasa cause the salesgirl confirm next day sure gone one...so i asked my friend how was her acne, really gone or not...she said "GONE MY FOOT!!!!!" hahahahahahahahahahahaah!!!!!!!! sue the salesgirl gau gau~!

awww....too bad i don't have our ELEVEN years before picture >.<

and who the hell talk about racism i'll sepak kick you far far... she, Nonong came from a Malay background family and i'm (duhhh) obvisouly from a Chinese family but SO WHAT!!?? WHAT SO!?!?? ♥ eleven years of friendship doesn't break easily just because of one F* RACIST word

then we went for a cup of coffee from Starbucks and we got a chop on our receipt... 50% off for one beverage from Starbucks but we both already had one so...the receipt was wasted (i lost it by the way..STARBUCKS FAIL)

Mocha Cafe~ is my <3

how do we get this offer? purchase more then RM30 hah? hmm...  O_o

can't be more satisfied with the Chocolate Cake! :D

i shopped quite a lot but the highlight is my new Snoopy mouse with mousepad :)


went out with the Tan brothers at night but i didn't snap any pictures -__________- but i was super happy that day!



calvinn said...

THE SNOOPY MOUSE IS SO CUTEEE! and the food! O_O! hungry ler! nanged and visited :)

iCaLoVeZiE said...

banyaknya makanan! sedap!

♥snoopy♥ said...

[calvin] cute hoh? i saw it straight away i buy w/o doubts...! thanks!

[iCalovezie] go try in Kenny Rogers :D

Ronnie said...

nice Snoooooooopy mouse and mousepad

Miss N said...

nice food

yee said...

#blog-pager-newer-link {
padding: 5px;
float: left;

#blog-pager-older-link {
padding: 5px;
float: right;

cant find any other place to show u...here are the codes.. =) hope it helps..

Camy said...

such a long friendship.. awww

♥snoopy♥ said...

[ronnie] hah...don try to steal this from me ah...i kik u far far LOL

[miss N] and tasty too! :)

[yee] thanks xing!

[camy] yea...i din realise until i count it myself (more thn 0 fingers LOL!)