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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Food Facts

these are my food factssss, and hear me out :)

♥ #1.. the fact that Japanese restaurant was the second restaurant after mamak stall i dined in after arriving Malaysia yet the Matcha ice cream was not yummy (mamak, you're still the best!!)

♥ #2.. the fact that this was the first time i tried can't-remember-what's-the-name's dessert and it was superb! i love it, max! i really can't remember the name, you can hit me with a bowl now..but i know it's near to Sunway Pyramid and i heard from friends it's literally packed everyday

 ♥ #3..the fact that siumai (Pork dumplings in dim sum) and pai kuat in dim sum (below) was my  love-at-first-sight when i was a little girl, and had been loyal to both of them since

*sluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp*  i LOVE u~!

♥ #4..the fact that the only Nasi Lemak i had was from pasar Ramadhan last month yet nothing special about it :( sadness~

♥ #5..the fact that grandma's dishes are amazing and never failed to please my stomach :D (fried eggplant and bitter melon stuffed with meat)

grandma's simple cooked mee hoon

♥ #6..the fact that this restaurant's Bak Kut Teh was awesomely delicious and they even have their own spices packets for sale! will tell you next time where is this about!

♥ #7..the fact that i'd been eating fish (cooked in different styles) so often i am a bit phobia to eat it now... :|

♥ #8..the fact that this dish is not worth RM5.50 at all! you can count the meat on top of the mee within 3 seconds! in mandarin i call this "STEALING WORK, MINUS MATERIALS"!

 ♥ #9..the fact that this sushi plate is my mum's fav...she mentions it every time she sees it :)  cuteness~

 #10..the fact that the miso soup given was not-so-miso after all

 #11..the fact that food served by Emirates airlines are not very inviting but they seriously can stuff me to death @.@

♥ #12..my handsome dad's home-cooked meals will be forever NUMBER ONE!

thanks for viewing...  :) will update soon~ weeeee~~~~~~~