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Monday, August 02, 2010

Snoopy and Disneyland Paris

yes i did it!! Disneyland would be a must if you're going to Paris! well at least for me it is a MUST!! click here for the main webpage! DISNEYLAND RESORT PARIS



2nd day of Paris, my mum and I went to Disneyland! yea, my mum...MUM - DISNEYLAND - MUM - DISNEYLAND...hahah!! thank god the weather was awesomely burning!!!

FYI (just for those who doesn't know), Disneyland Paris is basically divided into 5 main categories - Main Street,USA, Adventureland, Frontierland, Discoveryland, Fantasyland.

shut up and let the pictures roll!

look at those shades~!!! hahah!!
the crowd...! FUI-YOH~! it's just from PART of the train, ya know...
mum in disneyland paris!! "i'd been to disneyland when i went to State" she said... "but i haven't ma!" snoopy replied...no wonder she's not that excited =.=
entrance of Disneyland Park (: super fairy tale!!!!...........and pink =.=
mum loves that hippo....see? she's enjoying it now...hmm..
long queue for our tickets
the queue was super long so we decided to buy our tickets from Walt Disney Studio Park and visit there 1st..

entrance to the Walt Disney Studio front lot
lots of stuff you will be tempted to purchase! from notebooks...to souvenirs...
to cute/celebration hats!..
....to lollipops!!
to toysssssssss!!!!!!!
i love Stitch...heh! but still, Snoopy's #1 forever and ever and everlasting ever..
water-splasing Crush's Coaster! mum doesn't want the ride after she saw how it turns and shakes and go round and round...hahah!

tram tour~! yippie~~!! this tram tour goes around the studio which you can experience the real set (2 of them) and other nice studios as well...so the pictures below are from the studio itself (:
military vehicles..
an example of set they used to film disney movies...stunner!
this set is real epic...we get to experience this set....
raining!! damn real... *clap hands*
fire set!! this is real!! can you feel the heat~!!?!? and the tram was shaking as well! @.@
from antiques cars........
wait...! we're in London!
another fire set
ice cream van!!
old carriages...?

moved to the second park - Disneyland Park!!
Disneyland Park main entrance XD
Disneyland's own street! epic ei!
instant crystal making show...precisely made *impressed*
minnie and mickey balloons~!
disney charaters, Pinocchio and Geppetto....autograph session~~ cartoons giving autograph sessions...hahah!!! how hilarious~! >.<
welcome to the Fantasyland people! :D this is the Sleeping Beauty Castle
more disney characters...! recognise/remember them still?
The Incredibles :)
Rat....Ratato....Ratatouille! (bloody name =.=)
haven't seen Pluto since ages!!
Tigger and Eeyore...Eeyore is sleepy obviously...time to bed
Lilo and Stitch..... i love Stich...but after Snoopy XD
you.......you........you...... hmph! *looked away*
my mum took this photo and said "can't see you in there"...why didn't she tell me at the 1st place???????????????????????????????????????????? anyway, this is the La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant where people can read illustrated book stories, rich tapestries and glass windows
view from the castle... (:
ice cream!!! again
mum loved this a lot....goofy cap but didn't get one *shrugs*
took a boat on a doll medley at "it's a small world" ...weird name @.@
Japanese culture dolls..
Thailand...? sorry the pics are a bit blur...the boat was moving you know..
not sure what this culture is...Nigeria?
Fairy Tale...hahah!
Fun Wheel!

then we walked our way to Discoveryland and took the Disneyland railroad for a Disneyland tour... which i mean 'THE' tour...

there are 4 main stations and the ride takes about 30minutes as they stop in every station to pick/drop off passengers so people won't really have to wait long cause they can stop at any station (:

here comes the train...!
view on the Main Street station
stop by Fronteirland Depot station (;
someone left their luggage unattended! hmm...
hi mum~ *giggles*
mum was interested in this Star Tour thingy which i was not but since she rarely have interest in other stuffs.... okay~ just once!

duhh it's a room we sit in a row and a 3D screen in front, brings your head spinning round and round and up and down and god knows to which planet, "chiu chiu chiu"-ing bad spaceships...there were even adults screaming loud..like "AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG
HHHHHH~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" kinda loud 

seriously they freak me out rather than the 3D motion screen....adults? 3D screen? screaming? c'mon...your ass is just fine on the seat, dude...i wonder what will happen if they're on a ROLLER COASTER..the ones that lifts their ass up high to the sky..?

mu..m~~~ can't believe you loved it~ o_O* 

yes..this is my babe mine! but i donated it to Disneyland..hahahah!! kid!
such a long way we had in Paris! but it's hell of a great great trip! bon voyage indeed..!

P/S the only thing that kept me smiling all day long..thanks Disneyland! lotsss of love for you!!!!

P/S/S next destination for my trip is Belgium! ah~~ i can smell the chocolates already! :D see ya soon!



zzkang said...

wow...really long post...
and the disneyland is so damn huge!!! great trip there...

p/s..you n your mum really look alike.. :D

jioksin said...

darling!! y cannot click to view older posts one!!!

♥snoopy♥ said...

[zzkang] yea...damn huge.. XD look alike my mum? some say i look 50-50 from both... (:

[jiok] yea lor darling..i dono how to fix that...u'll have to click from Archives coz mine is daily one..heeeeeee

Thristhan said...

I went to Disneyland Paris in 1997, so many new things are there now compared to before. We took 2 days to complete the whole place.

♥snoopy♥ said...

i bet there's a lot of changes :D i wish i had another 2 more days there! >.<