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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

G for Graduation 2010

since i didn't get the chance to blog about this before my short trip, i have to say GOMENNASAI

ehem hem...so i graduated on 19th July 2010. . . . . . .wait this is not right..i have to add some of these:-

*jumping up and down*



har....this is more like it!! don't you think??! my mum came to UK for my graduation..too bad my Dad can't make it :( but anyway...graduation was a success, no tripping, no embarrassments..hahah!!

my graduation gown...cantik tak?
my mum and I
Sinnee, Snoopy, G, V..the Chinese Classmates :D
thanks Jo for attending my ceremony!!!! <3 mad!!!
Yan Ting, Snoopy, VShiong, V (pictures credits to Ah Hwa)
Snoopy, VShiong, V (pictures credits to Ah Hwa)
V, Landa a.k.a Xue Neng, Snoopy (pictures credits to Ah Hwa)
 outside of City Hall (pictures credits to Ah Hwa)
Snoopy and Mimi..labmate (pictures credits to Ah Hwa)
damn light refreshments in City East Campus
vanilla mousse
chocolate mousse
mum, why soooo se...rio....us.......?
mum graduated as a PhD student!! :D  kid! 
Geoff, Snoopy and Derek...my lecturers
gown given back, flowers borrowed from V...mum didn't get me one :'(

so..to all family, relatives, friends and anonymous...this is me, graduated from Northumbria University of Newcastle Upon Tyne as a Biomedical Scientist (Hons) Degree holder with a brand new life to step into..no more assignments, no more tests, no more finals, no more meeting lecturers, no more burning midnight oil for rushing dissertations!!

i'm free in the sense of Uni life but i understand well that there'll be a lot more ahead of me and it will be way tougher than i think it would be but i'm pretty sure i'll kill well!!

thanks to all who congratulated me and good luck to me for my future! THANK YOU~!

now can i get my Miss Graduation 2010 crown and wave?!?? hahahaha!!
oooppss...!! wait wait!! more after graduation!! stay put! see ya! *hugss and wavess*



Idzwan Phoenix said...

congratzzzz...u still in ncl or back in msia??

ken said...

congrats on graduating! =)

♥snoopy♥ said...

[idzwan] thanks!!!! i'm still in newcastle...going back next month! :D

[ken] thank you!!!

jfook said...

Happy convocation!

M-Knight said...

Congratulation on ur Graduation...

♥snoopy♥ said...

[jfook] thanks!

[M-Knight] heh! thanks a lot!!

Cherrie said...

I cant wait to graduate tooo. =(

♥snoopy♥ said...

awww... don't be sad..u'll have lots of fun!! :D