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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Try The Combo

heh! it's end of June already...so quick!! so i'm going to finish of this month's blog with two more posts

i heard there's Nasi Lemak available in Little Asia China Town so i tried it out..

sambal @.@

*buuuuurp* this nasi lemak is not what i expected *cries* the chicken is not completely cooked and the sambal is. . . . . . . . .hmm. . . . . . . . *shakes head*

I MISS MALAYSIA'S NASI LEMAK~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  >.< i remember last year my friends and i made nasi lemak  "NASI LEMAK DAY" at home...that one is much better lor. . . .

yea...old fart

after lunch, i went to Newcastle FunFair NEWCASTLE FUNFAIR with V and my new housemate, Landa! hahahahah!!!

Landa is my new housemate =.=
anyone wants to give this a bite?

 this is the only ride we tried and it was AWsomeful!! it swing from left to right until slightly >90degress plus it spins round and round @.@ came down felt like puking
i shall ask gypsy to play Spelling Bee with me. . . can you spell Prime Minister? hahahahahah!!



zzkang said...

the funfair looks FUN!!

and the nasi lemak!!...i wish to get such BIG nasi lemak in malaysia... :D

kenwooi said...

is V xue neng? I KNOW THAT DUDE! say hello to him for me! =D

♥snoopy♥ said...

[kenwooi] V is Vivian, Landa is Xue Neng...haha! ok, i'll tell him!

♥snoopy♥ said...

[zzkang] i think it's bcoz ang mo's proportion is bigger...hahah! i always tapau home one >.<